Ardour Group forays into flexible packaging industry

Ardour Group forays into flexible packaging industry
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Ardour Group, the fastest-growing packaging company, recently announced its foray into flexible packaging. Flexible packaging uses non-rigid materials that allow more economical and customizable packaging options. It is a relatively new method introduced in the packaging market and has become popular because of its high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

According to reports, this market is projected to reach 8.9 billion dollars in 2027 from 6.21 billion dollars in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 6.18% from 2021-2027

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is a package or part of a package whose shape can change when filled or during use. This kind of packaging is made of multiple types of film (PET/PP/CPP/BOPP/LD and much more), Paper, Aluminum Foil, or a mix of these materials, and includes Laminate Pouches (Mono Layer & Multiple Layers), Bags, liners, wraps, roll stock, and similar stretchable products. Flexible packages are particularly useful in industries that require versatile packaging, such as FMCG, food and beverages, personal care, automobiles, and pharmaceutical industries.

It offers multiple advantages, such as readily taking the shape of the items to be packed offers, easy shipping, and product protection, and generates low waste, coupled with shortening packaging weight by up to about 70%.

Flexible Packaging Features

  • Easy to store

  • Extended product life

  • Easy to reseal

  • Easy to carry

  • Easy to open

Studies show that, in addition to product and price, shoppers pay close attention to packaging and the benefits it offers. In many cases people pay more for flexible packaging that delivers key benefits. Busy shoppers value convenience, product safety, and longer shelf life. Brands are working hard to develop innovative, flexible packaging solutions that will set their products apart from their competitors.

Foraying in this domain, Rishi Sabharwal, managing director, Ardour Group, said, “The Indian flexible packaging market has expanded at a 10% CAGR last five years. It has grown from INR 375bn in FY2017 to INR 615.27 Bn in FY 2021. Further, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.12% for the next six years and reaches INR 1491.56 Bn by FY 2027. The major factor fuelling this growth is the rapid growth in the consumer markets, especially in the food, FMCG, and pharmaceutical end-user industries. The boom in E-commerce with efficient logistics has been a huge disruptor for the industry, given the growth in the large and ever-growing Indian Middle Class. While Ecological concerns are there in this market, however, technology and innovation are the key drivers, and that being our strength, Ardour Group feels it is the right time to venture into this space.”

"This eco-friendly feature from the Ardour Group provides sustainable solutions for all types of product packaging—from FMCG and Electronics to Pharmaceuticals. The group is a trendsetter in packaging solutions because of its self-reliant ecosystem. Its team of packaging experts—who are all innovators at heart—is driven by a passion for finding solutions that make the world a better place. The group believes in using the highest quality materials that drive your brand value," further added Sabharwal.

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