Britannia Jim Jam Pops cheers India’s victory with a special Go India edition pack

Britannia Jim Jam Pops cheers India’s victory with a special Go India edition pack
Photo - Britannia

In a spectacular celebration of India’s thrilling victory, get ready to pop open a celebration like never before with the launch of Britannia Jim Jam Pops’ special Go India edition pack. This limited-edition pack features a delightful green apple jelly at the center, complemented by tricolour elements of white creme and saffron biscuit base. Known for being an innovative first-of-its-kind open creme biscuit with a single layer of biscuit, creme, and jelly, it offers a no-twist enjoyment—you just lick and pop. This special pack celebrates India’s achievements at the global level and the relentless support of the fans. 

As part of the celebrations, the new Go India edition pack made a grand appearance at Marine Drive and the iconic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. Apart from this, a digital out-of-home ad lit up the street of Marine Drive, featuring the brand’s beloved mascots Kunal Roy Kapur and Varun Sharma aka Jimmy and Jammy. This coincided with the victory parade of the Indian cricket team. This special pack is designed to honor Indian cricket team’s remarkable victory and is sure to be a crowd favorite. Consumers will be able to enjoy the flavorful experience of Britannia Jim Jam Pops and actively participate in celebrating this historic moment.

The Go India pack of Jim Jam Pops is currently available on Zepto across Mumbai and Pune and will be available across all markets soon. Fans can look forward to enjoying their favorite open cream biscuit while relishing the sweet taste of victory.

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