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Trupti Abhinandan Nistane, assistant manager-marketing, and packaging development, at Mespack India
Trupti Abhinandan Nistane, assistant manager-marketing, and packaging development, at Mespack IndiaPhoto- Mespack

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Mespack is an international manufacturer of packaging machinery, end-of-the-line, and Hydroforma equipment, for consumer-packaged goods companies serving the world’s leading brands. Mespack belongs to Duravant, a global engineered equipment company with manufacturing, sales, and service facilities throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia.

The company has the largest product portfolio in the industry, consequently becoming a strong and reliable one-stop-shop player with premium services worldwide. Their products are designed to the highest standards for the hygiene, safety, waste reduction, and flexibility.

Trupti Abhinandan Nistane, assistant manager-marketing, and packaging development, at Mespack India, talked about the company and said, “Mespack specializes in flexible packaging machinery, specifically smart and sustainable technology. We cater to the business categories like food, beverages, pet food, home care, pharmaceuticals, and personal care, among others. Our machinery ranges comprise continuous as well as intermittent motion such as a form- horizontal fill and seal machines, vertical form-fill-seal machines ML and MS series, and The Ultra-high-speed machines are the market’s fastest continuous motion solutions for the flat pouch, their production goes up to 40% faster than any other equivalent high-speed machine.”

Innovative solutions

Mespack constantly works to provide advanced solutions to customers through its innovations.  Nistane said, “Innovation is part of Mespack´s DNA, and in the past years, we have strongly reinforced this commitment by following an innovation roadmap with a clear vision toward the future of flexible packaging. Furthermore, we encourage entrepreneurship within every Mespack team, which adds high value because of their knowledge and years of experience in this sector.”

Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS)
Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS)

Fostering sustainability

Mespack is strongly committed to developing eco-innovative packaging solutions to preserve the environment. It makes constant efforts to reduce the usage of plastic materials per packed unit and replaces traditional materials with recyclable, post-consumer recycled (PCR), or compostable materials. It encourages reusing to avoid single-use plastic packaging. Reengineering new equipment for new materials is also a part of the sustainability strategy.

Nistane added, “We provide Hydroforma models that produce water-soluble pods, which work under the principle of removing the packaging materials associated with the use of the product.”

Some of the key features of Hydroforma include

·      Accurate pre-measured doses

·      End-user convenience

·      Enhancement of user safety features

·      Precision filling system for liquids & powders

Mespack Athena, the digital control platform

To support the digital transformation that many industries are experiencing, Mespack has developed the Mespack Athena, a control suite platform that performs functions from machine control to data analytics. It is designed to help its customers acquire better control over the packaging processes, making and providing more efficiency, as a result of analyzing the generated data. Talking about the product, Nistane said, “Mespack Athena designer to accomplish, 21CFR part 11 it raises uptime by up to 3%, saves up to 200 hours of maintenance, cuts production cost by up to 3%, reduces scrap by up to 3.5%, along with the mentioned features. It improves quality by up to 1.5 % and increases throughput by up to 4%.”

Recently, Mespack participated for the first time in PackMach Asia Expo, held in Mumbai from December 7 to 9, 2022, In response to the growing demand for sustainability, Mespack displayed its flagship machine H360FED with a live machine demo during the show performing a sustainable laminate by Paharpur at the event as well as its most recent developments in automation and digitalization, which include Mespack Athena. Among other advantages, this digital platform assists with the reduction of downtime.

“Mespack machines are unique in kind. It is all about providing smart and sustainable technology which is the need of the earth. If you want to explore something in that domain, Mespack is the ideal and right entity where you can get that,” concluded Nistane.


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