Flexibility and speed taken to next level with introduction of SIG Digital Printing for aseptic carton packs

Flexibility and speed taken to next level with introduction of SIG Digital Printing for aseptic carton packs
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With a pioneering reputation for providing customers with maximum flexibility and speed, SIG is taking production to the next level with the seamless new opportunities of SIG Digital Printing for aseptic carton packs produced in Europe. This professional printing solution offers full-color digital printing on SIG carton packs without the need for cylinders or printing forms, enabling more flexibilization and agility to meet specific customer demands.

In the increasingly fast-paced food and beverage industry, where market requirements have changed significantly in recent years, flexibility and fast reaction times are crucial for certain manufacturers in different categories to be successful with their products. This includes demands for packaging, where the lifecycles of designs are becoming even shorter, and the need for agility due to smaller lot sizes and promotions is ever-increasing. This is due to factors, such as frequent product launches, portfolio extensions, and increasingly creative marketing campaigns to keep one step ahead.

SIG has invested in this new digital printing technology to perfectly complement its existing highly efficient and high-quality rotogravure printing. SIG Digital Printing investment includes a RotaJET 168 Digital Printing Machine built by Koenig & Bauer, a global leader in digital printing technology. Commercial production on the industrial digital printing machine is planned for the second half of this year at SIG’s production facility in Linnich, Germany.

Holger Schmidt, head - Product Management Technology, SIG, said, “We aim to always ensure our customers have the best choice and access to the latest technologies and solutions that keep them at the cutting edge of innovation today and in the future – designed to their needs. Small-scale production will make it possible for our customers to be creative with design changes and to test out product ideas in the market with reduced risks. Speed, flexibility, and precise product design are decisive factors for success, and this is exactly what we offer with our digital printing solutions.”

Ideally suited to SKUs with lower order quantities, flexible and futureproof SIG Digital Printing offers food and beverage customers the opportunity to make dynamic design changes quickly and easily to deal with frequent modifications and updates. This ensures stand-out design on the shelf, keeping brands in season and maximizing regular product promotion activity.

Christoph Müller, chief executive officer - Segment Digital & Webfed and member - Executive Board Koenig & Bauer, said, “Like SIG, we always have the requirements of tomorrow in mind so we can shape the future alongside our customers. It’s exciting to see SIG Digital Printing for aseptic carton packs come to fruition and how this new technology will bring a valuable addition to their printing portfolio by providing a streamlined design editing option, as well as the possibility of speeding up their design-to-print process.”

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