FRIMESA launches SIG'S unique combistyle packaging at APAS 2022

SIG's unique combistyle carton pack impresses to ensure on-shelf differentiation, instant consumer appeal, and added functionality.
SIG - combistyle Frimesa

SIG - combistyle Frimesa

Photo - SIG 

Frimesa and SIG announce the launch of the first combistyle carton packaging in the Americas during the APAS Show 2022, the largest food and beverage trade fair in the Americas. The event will take place between 16 May and 19 May at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, SP.

According to the company, SIG's unique combi style carton pack impresses with a unique and fresh look and a distinctively shaped corner panel to ensure on-shelf differentiation, instant consumer appeal, and added functionality. Frimesa will benefit from the best shape flexibility for different product types and the ability to adapt to changing market demands, as the combistyle package is filled on SIG's CFA 812 filling machine – the same filling line Frimesa already uses to fill SIG's combiblocMidi 1,000 ml carton packs.

According to Renata Kasahara, head of marketing at SIG South America, combistyle will bring even more flexibility to Frimesa. "Among combistyle's differentials is a better pouring experience – the closure is centered and the stylish and eye-catching corner panel provides on-shelf differentiation. The design is completely different from any other packaging on the market and features a convincing metallic effect, made possible by exclusive technology from SIG."

Frimesa, who was SIG's first customer in Brazil back in 2006, will also now be the first company to relaunch its regular milk range in combistyle format.

For Valter Vanzella, president of Frimesa, "The versatility that SIG offers will enable Frimesa to have greater productivity and diversity in its production. The new packaging will bring the flexibility of shapes and sizes to our product portfolio, expanding our operations and market possibilities".

Unique flexibility

SIG's customers like Frimesa benefit from the low investment needed to upgrade to combistyle on SIG's existing CFA 810 and CFA 812 filling machines, which also can fill combiblocMidi and combifitMidi with volumes ranging from 500 to 1,000 ml. This makes a total of up to 8 different packs. Flexibility is one of SIG's key differentiators, with filling lines prepared for filling various formats and sizes, as well as different viscosities and products on a single machine.

Frimesa's entire product line of regular milk (whole, semi-skimmed, and skimmed) and zero lactose will migrate to the combistyle format and will be available in the markets by June 2022.

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