Heinz introduces Ketch-Up and Down Bottle

Heinz introduces Ketch-Up and Down Bottle
Photo - Heinz

Heinz, makers of the world's favorite ketchup, have dreamed up a double-ended ketchup bottle that could provide the solution to problems facing fans worldwide. The Heinz Ketch-Up & Down bottle has two lids that mean no matter which way up you store it or use it, ketchup connoisseurs can access every last drop.

The concept was created by the team at Kraft Heinz, who dedicate their time to studying ketchup fans closely and realized that everyone seems to have peculiar preferences. While some would squeeze it as if it owed them money, others prefer to shake it like a maraca. Some like to store it upright, while others place it upside down or on its side.

Passant El Ghannam, head - Marketing, Kraft Heinz MEA, commented, "At Heinz, we are consumer obsessed, and we rely on insights like this one to fuel innovation and bring consumers more of what they want. So, building on the success of our upside-down bottle which we released in 2010, we saw an opportunity to solve a problem that many of our fans face. If scaled up, it could be game-changing for ketchup lovers. The Heinz Ketch-Up & Down bottle gives fans more of what they love – the great taste of Heinz."

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