Krones presents technological advances and its new global strategy at drinktec

With the slogan "Solutions beyond tomorrow", company discusses solutions for the future based on sustainability and digital transformation
Krones presents technological advances and its new global strategy at drinktec
Photo - Krones

Between September 12 and 16, the Krones Group will be present at the 2022 edition of drinktec in Munich, Germany, the world's largest beverage fair. The company's booth will be in Hall B6, where it will be possible to know innovations in process technologies, packaging and packaging systems, among other solutions of Krones. The space will also be the stage for the dissemination of the company's new global business strategy, "Krones Target Picture", which is based on the development of actions based on sustainability and digital transformation.

With the mission of offering innovative solutions to its customers, making them successful and sustainable, and strengthening the creative power of the company to protect nature and society, Krones has made new commitments that will guide its path to the future. There are three major challenges faced by humanity, for which Krones is willing to contribute solutions: tackling climate change, ensuring the feeding of the world's population, and promoting the responsible use of packaging by reducing plastic waste.

Currently, machines, packaging lines and energy-efficient packaging solutions and other natural resources are already part of Krones' portfolio, and have increasingly occupied customer operation space. But the company wants to innovate even more and therefore has created a slogan that will support its new global strategy. "Solutions beyond tomorrow" or "Solutions beyond tomorrow", in free translation for Portuguese, underscores Krones' commitment to develop projects and visions that go beyond what is possible to do today, that exceed the expectations of customers, humanity and our planet. Krones' goal is to enable essential products, especially food and beverages, to be more sustainable and accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world.

In terms of sustainability and digitization, one of Krones' innovations at drinktec 2022 will be the presentation of the fourth generation of contiform blower, which completes this year 25 years in the market. In addition to maintaining the concept of ultraspeed, the machine is more efficient, flexible and environment friendly. Contiform's energy consumption was reduced by 11% compared to the previous generation model; the economy of compressed air, in turn, can reach 20%. The new Contiform has also become easier and more intuitive in its operation, besides being able to be equipped with software based on Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout drinketc 2022, Krones will present technologies that reinforce its role as a complete provider of solutions to customers, with numerous innovations from its Group companies, such as Steinecker and Evoguard. From Steinecker, the highlight, for example, is the resources to improve the productive performance of breweries, highlighting the most advanced in process technologies. Evoguard, famous for its valves and pumps, will launch the Evoguard Data Viewer, which allows you to access all product-specific data through a QR Code applied directly to the valve or pump. This improvement makes it easier for maintenance personnel to work with Evoguard components.

Krones, which in 2022 turns 40 in Brazil, will have a special space to receive Brazilian customers at its booth at drinktec, with a team of company professionals to give full support to visitors. Krones will also provide access to its innovations at the fair through a virtual booth, in a very modern and interactive way.

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