Mespack provides a complete portfolio of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry

Meeting the unique demands of pharmaceutical packaging with cutting-edge and sustainable turnkey solutions
Mespack provides a complete portfolio of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
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Mespack, a leading manufacturer of innovative and sustainable flexible packaging solutions, is pioneering in turnkey solutions, regarding the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability, Mespack offers special packaging machinery for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. 

Health is the most precious asset we have, and pharmaceutical laboratories are vitally important to preserving health. The research and development of new medicines is rapidly advancing; hence it is paramount that the entire process, from the laboratory to the final product, reaches the patient with the utmost safety, hygiene, and security. For this reason, packaging holds a significant role in the process. 

The pharmaceutical industry demands packaging solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Solutions require precision, sterility, and compliance with rigorous regulatory standards. Mespack, with its extensive experience and expertise, understands these unique challenges, and has risen to the occasion to develop suitable products for this sector. 

As a result of a global presence and over 30 years of extensive experience in the packaging sector, Mespack now offers pharmaceutical laboratories a wide range of sustainable solutions, thus allowing them to easily package products while adhering to all the obligatory requirements and regulations. Consequently, Mespack can deliver complete turnkey solutions and highly technologically customized projects. These offers include a wide range of solutions, from vertical to horizontal, and turnkey solutions that can be integrated with a cartooning module, equipped to group sachets before inserting them into the carton box.


This equipment produces sticks with recyclable-ready material such as the one developed with Bobst and Dow, which is based on the concept of oneBarrier monomaterial, which is laminated in a metallized MDOPE film that has a high-performance sealant web. 

The MSPH series, comprised of vertical form-fill-seal machinery, can produce up to 840 sticks per minute. The primary features include: 

• A Full Servo and Stainless-Steel Machine: This machine is stainless steel to operate with pharmaceutical products. It is integrated with a full servo motorized system, which imparts customers more coordinated control of the equipment's movements.

An Artificial Vision Cameras: The new Mespack transfer is specially designed to increase production speed by 30%.

An Individual Exit Chute: This vertical machine has an individual exit chute with a rejection possibility. As a result, customers experience less material waste.

Athena: A digital platform designed to give clients the power to maximize the value of production data, due to its ability to perform a variety of tasks from machine control to data analytics. 

The machine, specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, complies with specific regulations, such as GMP, GAMP5, FDA, and 21 CFR Part 11. About documentation focused on pharmaceutics, this solution not only offers the execution of DQ, IQ, OQ, RA, but also the preparation of PQ and EN1020 standard 2.1, as well as 3.1 material certificates. Upon request, other forms of documentation can be prepared. 


The horizontal packaging equipment complies with the simplistic and robust standards of Mespack design, and more specifically, with the intention to cover high-speed production requirements for small or medium-size flat sachets. Furthermore, it complies with the compulsory regulations for the pharma industry. 

There are special machines dedicated to pharma within the H Series: the H130D, H170D, and H320-4. The latter can produce up to 140 pouches per minute. The principal features of this horizontal equipment are: 

• A Servo Driven Index (H320): The film drag's length and speed are controlled by servo drives to increase precision, which can be directly controlled through the PLC.

• Quick Changeover: Reduces material waste, time, and energy with a user-friendly operation.

• An Autosplice Unwinder (H320): The automatic reel splicing system devised to eliminate roll change downtime. It reduces every two hours of production by 5 to 10 minutes.

• Filling Stations (H320): To maximize production in small spaces, there is the possibility of adding several filling stations. Consequently, the production speed can be increased.

• Athena: A digital platform designed to give clients the power to maximize the value of production data, due to its ability to perform a variety of tasks from machine control to data analytics. 


In reference to the horizontal cartoning machine series, the A1 is specially designed for the automatic packaging of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in pre-glued cartons with tuck-in or hot-melt closures. The three different models available (A1, A1/S and A1/SP) can manage an immensely vast range of formats (up to 170x95x220 mm). The cartoning cycle, by means of servo motors, is completely automatic. Due to cross-referencing between the product, carton, leaflet, labels, and/or booklet, the packaging operation is extremely reliable. The customized software and hardware solutions allow for easy integration with tamper-evident and serialization systems. With an output of up to 100 cartons per minute, the main features of this equipment are: 

  • Three servo motors for the following primary units:

- Cartons transport toothed belt and products transport buckets belt

- Product pusher

- Movable blade

  • Balcony design

  • Mechanical transmission with belts

  • Pusher unlocks in the event of a clash

  • Insertion of leaflets or booklets into the carton

  • Printing of variable data (emboss, ink-jet or laser systems)

  • 2D or 3D code reader

  • Presence control of products and materials

  • Remote support

To conclude, in an industry where precision, reliability, and innovation are paramount, Mespack's turnkey solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are distinguishable. Mespack provides the pharmaceutical sector with the assurance of quality, compliance, and efficiency, thus assisting with the worldwide delivery of essential medicines to patients. 

For pharmaceutical manufacturers in need of packaging solutions that meet and exceed industry standards, Mespack is the trusted name. The company offers turnkey solutions that redefine the future of pharmaceutical packaging.

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