Packman Packaging offers fast and efficient delivery and high-quality brand representation for your products

Manufacturer of a variety of corrugated boxes, corrugated rolls, bubble rolls, bubble pouches, courier bags, POD jackets, duct tapes, eCommerce shipping bags, and more
Packman Packaging offers fast and efficient delivery and high-quality brand representation for your products
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Initially established as Swastik Packaging and later renamed to Packman Packaging, the company today is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of corrugated boxes. At the start of its journey, the products were listed online as during that time it was India’s first eCommerce store for selling packaging services. Swastik was a single proprietorship that changed to Packman Packaging in 2011. Gaurav Jalan, founder of Packman Packaging said, “With the new name, we began using high-end printing techniques for buyers to print their customized logos, designs, graphics, and images. Now, Packman Packaging is into making packaging for food, pharmaceutical, shipment, luxury, FMCG, biodegradable, and eCommerce sectors.”

Packman Packaging is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of corrugated boxes as well as a wide range of packaging products and services. These include courier bags, cardboard boxes, food packaging products and pouches, biodegradable bags, paper bags, kraft boxes, eCommerce boxes, cello tapes, and brown tapes, packaging equipment. It also offers packaging designing services that specialize in custom-made designs that include custom-made logos, labels, boxes, and packages, available in-store and online.

Striving to achieve sustainability goals

Jalan said that for quite some time now, Packman Packaging has already been working and manufacturing sustainable packaging products. Elaborating on this, he said, “Corrugated boxes are already our highest-selling products and they are sustainable since they are quite easy to be recycled, and reused. Similarly, rather than plastic bags, Packman Packaging has been making paper and jute-made bags too, for a long time.  Recycling plastic bags is a big problem. Packman is one of the top manufacturers of biodegradable bags. These are some of the vital steps that Packman has been following consistently to address sustainable packaging and reach the overall goals.”

Expressing a desire to work more on sustainability, he added, “I personally, feel the company has been on the right track for quite some time. But yes, as in any work, we too are constantly looking to implement what more we can do towards achieving it on a broader scale.”

Packaging as a tool for marketing

According to Jalan, a product’s packaging plays an important role in forming a buyer’s purchasing decision. He explained, “Packaging of the product creates the first impression, more so in this age of eCommerce businesses. This is the reason why you see so many videos on unboxing experiences worldwide. If the product packaging is not good and appealing, chances are quite high that people will develop an impression that the product inside isn’t good too. Thus, if used properly packaging alone can boost any product’s sales.”

Gaurav Jalan, founder of Packman Packaging
Gaurav Jalan, founder of Packman Packaging

Constant innovation to march ahead

Jalan believes that innovating constantly is the only way to not just survive but also to grow better. He said that ever since its inception, Packman Packaging has been continuously involved in innovations because you need constant innovations to march ahead and also stay ahead of the rest.

Talking about the company’s achievements, he added, “Around the year 2011, we feel proud that we were India’s first E-commerce packaging portal. It did not end there as later Packman became the only company to be a franchise chain in the packaging in the year 2019. Right now, we are constantly updating with the latest machinery and equipment for the manufacturing of packaging products in a much more streamlined and efficient manner.”

Overcoming the pandemic’s impact

The COVID pandemic impacted businesses worldwide and Packman Packaging too faced hurdles but has stayed strong and held its ground. Jalan said, “We as an organization are pretty much more focused on covering up the time and loss it incurred during the pandemic and lockdowns. The lost work is pretty much on track and we are only looking to sustain that growth, which halted for around 2 years. So, in the coming times, Packman may look to be in any sort of merger or venture.” He added that Packman’s franchisee-based model is functioning in different cities in India and it would be looking to expand that base.

Aiming to grow with the people

Jalan said that Packman Packaging wants growth for its workers and the concerned companies who are its clients for their packaging needs. He further added, “The only reason we would like to expand is just keeping in view that it becomes a good source for those who can hone their skills in the packaging sector and be responsible for their overall economic as well as social growth. We want the growth of business along with the growth of our people who constantly work for Packman.”

Heading for a revamp in industry 4.0

Entering into industry 4.0, Packman is set to revamp its complete mode of operating structure. The company is already working and is on its way to being completely automated by the year 2024.

Talking about the company’s future plans, Jalan said, “Packman is working on ways to grow the factory size four times that it currently has. Then gradually, by moving ahead during 2025 our aim is to make a minimum sale of 1 billion annually. So, all this will be helping us to become the industry leader that Packman has always aspired to be when it started way back in the year 2002.”

With more than 30 years of experience serving over 300 plus happy clients located across India, South Asia, and Middle East countries, some of Packman’s elite customers are Samsung, Amazon, Flipkart, Ferns N Petals, BOSCH, Snapdeal, Borges India, OCAP industries, Kundan Cables, Kalinga Cables, Grandly Cables, Paramount Cables, Cona, Gold medal and more.

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