PACORR launches box compression tester for paper & packaging industries

Box compression tester
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PACORR Testing Instruments has just unveiled a massively updated testing machine that is Box Compression Tester (Digital). The testing machine will majorly help the manufacturers in Paper and Packaging Industries to evaluate the performance & quality of packaging or corrugated boxes.

The equipment will easily calculate the amount of vertical compressive force a cardboard box can take before deforming or collapsing. The best part of the testing machine is, it is designed keeping in mind the international standards like ASTM D642 and ASTM D4169. Moreover, it comes with advanced features that will help you make the analysis precise and easier to conduct.

The all-new PACORR Box Compression Tester (BCT) - Digital has a strong base plate with rugged structure that can hold the test samples in a uniform position. Apart from the rugged construction, you can't ignore its microprocessor based display that offers highly precise and accurate test reports. Not just this, it proves to be a superb model that offers precise results by maintaining uniform compression load. It also comes with many state-of-the-art features such as extra bright LED display, Tare & Peak hold facility, Over Travel Protection, etc.

The best part of the machine is, it is launched with various platform sizes and different load cell capacities to test the strength of different sizes and types of boxes.

Key Highlights:

• Compression Plate: The Equipment comes with a moving compression plate which is equipped with load cells that ensure that the compressive load spreads uniformly to the specimen surface. This way we can ensure accuracy in results.

• Rigid Platform: It is equipped with a rigid platform for placing a wide variety of specimen sizes for the test.

• Digital Display: The tester has a digital display that helps in taking quick test readings of the force applied as well as the deflection amount of the specimen.

• Auto-cut Facility: Equipped with advanced and user-friendly features like an auto-cut off facility that stops the machine once there is a deflection sensed in the testing specimen.

• Peak Hold Feature: The instrument also has the peak hold feature and can record up to ten top testing results which are helpful for future reference and analysis.

• Powder Coated Body: The machine body has a powder coating that makes it fit for long-run use even in the harshest working environments.

• Complies with International Standards: The box compression tester is specifically designed as per international standards like ASTM D642, and ASTM D4169

Why does the need for Launching a Box Compression Tester arise?

Corrugated or Non-Corrugated Cardboard Boxes are the most popularly used in the packaging and delivery industry. While they are stored and transported, they are subjected to a lot of vertical loads, frictional forces that may damage the integrity of the boxes or cause a deflection which can further damage the products inside. Here, the need of testing the strength of the containers and boxes arises.

But, this was possible only with the help of a testing machine that can help us evaluate the strength of the cardboard boxes before they are used in the market. A testing machine like Box compression tester to measure the strength and capacity of the boxes determines how much weight they can bear when stacked one above the other.

How does the testing machine work?

The PACORR's Box Compression Tester recreates the storage or transportation scenario and exerts a set compression load on the test sample. It helps in studying the impact of the compression on the boxes and the maximum amount of force that a box can bear before deflection.

The result we get from the machine helps a layman to understand the quality of box material and how much load it can bear when stacked one above the other. The user can also assess the type of box they can opt for packaging or delivery after performing a test using the Stack load tester or BCT.

Complies with International Standards: ASTM D642, and ASTM D4169

ASTM D642 standards explains the detailed process of testing the compressive resistance of shipping containers including drums, corrugated boxes and components. It defines how a machine can be used to measure the ability of the container to resist external compressive forces that are applied to its faces from opposite edges, or corners.

The PACORR Box Compression tester is designed keeping in mind all the details mentioned in the standard. Be it preparing the specimens or creating the natural scenario for boxes at the time of loading and shipping. As per the standard, it is always a good practice to test at least 5 or more samples and calculate their average to enhance the statistical reliability of the data.

What type of containers or packaging can be tested using the PACORR's Box Compression tester?

The box compression tester is ideal for performing compression tests on boxes, cans, drums, shipping containers made of corrugated fiberboard, wooden boxes, crates, buckets, pails, bottles, tubs, and pallets. The box compression test can be conducted on filled or empty boxes, with or without a box closure.

How can one enhance the life of a testing machine?

Well, with minimal maintenance. Although the machine is fabricated using high-quality material, it requires minimal maintenance practice once in a while to ensure its long working life. For example, grease the lead screw, keep it away from any moisture and dust.

With the solid build and handful of features, the PACORR's BCT can easily become a foundation for testing your box samples in paper and packaging industries.

Testing Instruments for Paper & Packaging Industries

Not just the Box compression tester (Digital), if you want to explore the computerized version of Box Compression Tester feel free to reach out to PACORR testing Instruments. The computerized model of the Box compression tester will help you get the software generated trend of compression of different types of corrugated boxes tested using the machine. It is, again, an easy to operate testing apparatus that makes it easy to perform stack load tests.

Also, If interested in manufacturing of papers, corrugated boxes or any other related material, one can also explore testing machines like bursting strength tester, cobb sizing tester, edge crush tester, vibration tester for packaging, core compression tester, drop tester, moisture meter, puncture resistance tester, etc.

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