Parle Global assures delivering quality equipment encapsulated with trust

Committed to meet its customers' needs delivering high-quality products with prompt service for over four decades
Parle Global assures delivering quality equipment encapsulated with trust
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Established in 1974, Parle Global Technologies is a 48 years old young company that serves with a Mission of Engineering Solutions for Healthcare – serving the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and cosmetics.

The journey started as a tablet tooling start-up for its customers. Over this time, Parle Global has provided a wide range of reliable equipment to its customers in India and also to about 85 countries Globally. "Since the day I joined in 1998, what I have seen till now is 'Customer First' and we, Parleits collectively, strive our best to deliver reliable performing pieces of equipment and assured support / prompt service to our beloved customers. The spirit has been ever-expanding with more and more solutions across more and more geographies," said R Ramanathan, chief operating officer and director, Parle Global Technologies.

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He added, “Apart from our indigenous solutions manufactured from our six sound facilities, we also represent and promote some of the most elite global manufacturers' equipment to our customers.”

For the pharma industry, Parle Global offers a complete range of oral solid dosages (tablets/capsules) ranging from granulation, tableting, tablet printing, encapsulation, inspection, counting and filling, tube filling, cartooning solutions, and much more. Truly making a one-roof solution.

“Pharmaceutical Industry is encapsulated with norms and terms that should be compliant to the regulatory bodies from India or any country and by default should be supported with high-end product quality producing machines and solutions. With a team spread across all functions of around 1400 Parleits, Joint ventures with Elizabeth USA, Freund Japan, Hata Japan, and Leepack Korea, technical collaborations with some more globally reputed companies, and an untiring spirit of being the best to our beloved customers Parle Global can stay connected and updated with its 109 people on the field with their Pan India branch offices and Global network," adds Ramanathan.

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Parle enters the food industry

Parle Global’s journey to food & beverage industry was a roadmap led by some industry veterans and well-wishers, who were keen to extend Parle Global’s equipment/support roleplay in this industry. It is 17 years now, and there has been good acknowledgment and acceptance of the products brought in by Parle Global to this industry segment.

Eminent names in the field of food processing and packaging machines from South Korea, Japan, and Europe are the products that Parle Global reaches to this segment, apart from their range of equipment. “It is our fortune and a sincere effort that could deeply root our beloved principals from these countries to be at their best in serving our Indian customers. The proactive response by way of repeat business from the customers is a mark of acknowledgment, to our principals, of their commitment to serving our customers," Ramanathan adds.

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The next step

Parle Global, as a reliable brand, and a learning organization, believes that every day goes thru new opportunities and challenges. This has been more taxing over the last couple of years. However, as many segments of the industry had to face the wrath of the pandemic, Parle Global claims to have done seemingly well than expected. Ramanathan explains, "With 2022 coming to an end, we have our plans set and laid out for the future. Parle Global is a company built for centuries; starting from scratch in 1974 to have marched down to 48 years is an achievement in itself. And with two years to complete 50 years in the industry, Parle will keep coming up with new products, services, and solutions aligned with the interests of our customers. Our programs for the future are laid around organic and inorganic growth. I believe that that day is not too far where Parle would be a one-roof solution for healthcare in its real sense, covering the span of pharma, food and beverages, and much more."

Message for all budding entrepreneurs

"The need to meet customer and market demand has always been competitive. However, some emphasis should grow apart from just the commercial sense of doing business. The need to prevail and show more consciousness towards the ownership of the customer's end product quality and safety thru the machinery or solution provided is required from machinery manufacturers like us. The solutions provided must also be highly comprehensive, competent, and quality conscious and backed up by assured support. That's led us ahead over these five decades, and I am sure that will, for many," Ramanathan concludes.

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