SEALPAC A6max traysealer with resource-saving FlatSkin concept enhances premium cheese products

Resource-saving FlatSkin packaging for cheese Striking packs based on product carriers with typical Portuguese tile prints
Resource-saving FlatSkin packaging for cheese Striking packs based on product carriers with typical Portuguese tile printsPhoto - SEALPAC

Smart and highly efficient is what characterizes the SEALPAC A6max traysealer. This high-tech packaging machine combines optimal performance with precision and flexibility. The universal class of SEALPAC's latest generation of traysealers is just as suitable for conventional packaging as it is for the latest innovative solutions. These include FlatSkin, a contemporary packaging alternative that significantly reduces the amount of plastic used and offers excellent branding opportunities. As such, it allows for high-quality presentation of premium food products, such as the cured cheeses of the Portuguese family company Queijos Santiago.

The latest generation of SEALPAC traysealers, the Amax-series, sets new standards in performance. Subject to the application, these state-of-the-art machines achieve up to 50% higher outputs. Each model within the Amax-series is equipped with the innovative iMode control. It manages the speed of the entire process according to a simple principle: the number of packages to be sealed per minute, as specified by the operator. This determines the speed of all subsequent processes. Like all traysealers in the new Amax-series, the SEALPAC A6max has a reliable servo drive, which ensures a smooth packaging process with significantly less consumption of compressed air. The integrated EnergyManager adjusts the line speed to the actual tray feed, to keep energy usage as low as necessary.

SEALPAC A6max traysealer 
High performance in packaging premium products.
SEALPAC A6max traysealer High performance in packaging premium products.Photo - SEALPAC

Less plastic, easy separation of materials for optimal recycling

The SEALPAC A6max traysealer is suitable for traditional MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), as well as for a large variety of modern packaging solutions that stand out on the retail shelves. These include, for example, paper-based applications, such as the FlatSkin packaging concept developed by SEALPAC. With this packaging system, a highly transparent barrier skin film fixates the product directly onto a flat cardboard carrier, which is coated with a polymeric protective layer. A peel tab simplifies the opening of the skin pack. After taking out the product, the ultra-thin polymeric layer is easily removed from the cardboard to allow for separate disposal and therefore full recyclability.

Appealing presentation, rising sales figures

SEALPAC’s FlatSkin concept combines extended shelf life and an attractive product presentation with excellent branding possibilities, because the cardboard carrier can be fully printed on both sides. As an example, the family company Queijos Santiago, headquartered in Malveira, just 33 kilometres from Lisboa in Portugal, takes advantage of this for its Portuguese cheese specialties. The company is currently using the FlatSkin packaging system for three selections of traditional cheese products. Each selection consists of three different types of cheese in quantities of 100g. Queijos Santiago designed the product carriers of these cheese selections with typical Portuguese tile prints, which have attracted a lot of attention at retail. They are currently not only available at leading food retailers, but are also sold at all Portuguese airports. Safe and attractive packaging has therefore become a popular souvenir from Portugal. After launching the FlatSkin products in 2023, Queijos Santiago has seen an increase in turnover every month.

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