SEALPAC’s compact PRO and all-round RE thermoformers

Highest performance, first-class design, and lowest cost of ownership
Multiple packaging solutions on the same base machine
Multiple packaging solutions on the same base machinePhoto - Sealpac

SEALPAC’s comprehensive product range allows manufacturers in food and non-food segments to choose between innovative thermoformers in various performance classes. The extremely compact PRO thermoformer offers an outstanding flexibility whilst requiring minimum floor space, whereas the established RE thermoformer is a true allrounder in medium to high-output applications. Both are perfectly capable of handling the most challenging materials.

Smallest footprint, highest flexibility

SEALPAC's latest generation of PRO thermoformers not only offers the smallest footprint in its class, but also comes with numerous innovative features as a standard. The modular design of these machines is especially convincing and allows them to be tailored to the individual needs of the end user. The basic PRO machine is suitable to run flexible and rigid film, both for vacuum packaging and sealing-only applications. Depending on the customer’s wishes, various modules can be added to run other packaging solutions, such as for MAP or skin applications. This also includes the use of mono-materials, which contribute to improved recycling.

SEALPAC’s compact PRO and all-round RE thermoformers
SEALPAC’s compact PRO and all-round RE thermoformersPhoto - Sealpac

With their particularly compact design, the PRO thermoformers require minimum space in the production area. And by using safety shutters instead of voluminous covers, each machine has an extremely large loading area, which is accessible from both sides. This makes our SEALPAC PRO thermoformer the perfect solution for any small to mediumsized manufacturer.

Maximum output, all-in-one solution

SEALPAC’s RE-series thermoformers have been designed for high-performance applications that require an efficient use of materials and energy. In such applications, the all-in-one RE-series offers maximum versatility: multiple packaging solutions can be handled on the same base machine. From flexible film vacuum, skin, shrink and MAP applications, up to modern solutions based on recyclable mono-materials or films with a high fibre content. For this purpose, the RE-series can be optionally equipped with the innovative quick exchange system from the side, to make format changes particularly easy and to reduce downtime. The RE thermoformers also come with a revised display that simplifies user operation and provides a fresh new look.

Perfect forming result, economical use of resources

Overall, each SEALPAC thermoformer stands for hermetically sealed packs with user-friendly opening behavior. Our machines are standard equipped with the unique Rapid Air Forming system, which achieves an improved forming consistency, especially in the corners of the pack, whilst using shorter vacuum and ventilation times. This results in higher outputs, as well as the possibility to use up to 10% thinner materials. Furthermore, each SEALPAC thermoformer reliably processes all common materials, including the new, recyclable rigid and flexible films made from mono-PP, as well as innovations such as paper-based film. This makes them suitable for packaging all types of food, like meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery products, and petfood, but also for packaging medical and other non-food items.

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