Siegwerk and Henkel join forces to create a new solution for recyclable flexible packaging

Collaborating to develop an oxygen barrier coating for food packaging that has been recognized by the leading institute for its compatibility with recycling.
Siegwerk and Henkel join forces to create a new solution for recyclable flexible packaging
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Siegwerk and Henkel are both market leaders in sustainable solutions. At two trade events in October, the companies told the story of how they joined forces to co-develop an innovative oxygen barrier coating. The new solution provides outstanding performance and also enables mono-material flexible packaging that is easier to recycle – opening up the exciting potential to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Henkel and Siegwerk are both leaders in sustainable and innovative packaging solutions. The two companies share a pioneering spirit and a long track record of efficiency and food-safe packaging. They also share a belief that the transition to a circular economy will require new technologies – and new forms of collaboration, too.

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Representatives from Siegwerk and Henkel met at K-Fair in 2019 and agreed to co-develop an oxygen barrier coating for more recyclable food packaging. They launched the solution in North America and Europe and introduced it at two trade fairs: K-Fair in Düsseldorf from October 20 to 24 and Pack Expo in Chicago from October 23 to 26. Other regions will follow throughout 2023.

Working in close partnership, Henkel and Siegwerk shared knowledge and explored ideas for how to create a barrier solution for flexible packaging without compromising shelf-life. The result? An industrially validated oxygen barrier coating that enables mono-material flexible packaging for dry food products, setting recyclers free from the headache of mixed materials. Recently, the product has been recognized by APR (Association of Plastics Recyclers) Critical Guidance to be compatible with recycling.

In October 2022, experts from both companies stood side-by-side and presented their sustainable innovation. Visitors at K-Fair and Pack Expo got the chance to learn more about this oxygen barrier coating.

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