SIG launches fully integrated MySIG portal for food and beverage customers

SIG launches fully integrated MySIG portal for food and beverage customers
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SIG presents its new fully integrated digital mySIG PORTAL – a unique, user-centric and highly intuitive customer platform, which provides swift mobile 24/7 access to maximise operational efficiency. SIG customers will benefit from the real time advantages to boost productivity and reduce operating costs in just a few clicks.

The new state-of-the-art customer mySIG PORTAL provides customers with all the benefits and advantages that a super-smart digital customer portal can possibly have. The web-based one-stop platform enables SIG customers to manage a multitude of workflows and processes, such as order processing, order tracking, service and visibility of operations, from one central hub. It allows efficient workflow, seamless collaboration, real time communication and process automation to drive business forward.

Vandana Tandan, country manager at SIG India, said, “The mySIG PORTAL is one of SIG's proudest offerings, in line with our constant and consistent endeavour to innovate and evolve. At a time when more and more brands are depending on digitalised software-based solutions, the portal will help brands and manufacturers streamline and optimise their entire production life cycle from a single unified point. This will help greatly reduce production time and operating costs, offering the most value to our customers in a variety of domains.

Vincent van den Broek, vice president, Global IT & Digital at SIG, said, “Digitalization of our customer touchpoints is key and we continuously look to improve the experience. For our customers in the food and beverage industry it is more important than ever to manage their business efficiently and flexibly. It is vital to know exactly what is in stock and to be able to order quickly and easily in just a few clicks. SIG’s new mySIG PORTAL enables employees from different units to interact and collaborate with each other, while also engaging with the expert team at SIG. The system is easy to use, automated and instantaneous, thus making collaboration simple. The platform is also future-proof and scalable with our customers’ growing business requirements.”

SIG customers can expect real time visibility of stock availability 24/7 and 365 days a year. mySIG PORTAL opens the customer’s own SIG world at a glance and is accessible from anywhere in the world, also via mobile devices such as tablet. The platform combines workflows in one place, from valuable filling machine information, asset management and customised insights to seamless order management for carton sleeves, closures and paper straws and order tracking, as well as customized reports.

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