Tetra Pak South Asia: Pioneering digital and automation solutions in food processing and packaging

 Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper filling machine
Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper filling machine

In a recent interview with Cassio Simões, Managing Director of Tetra Pak South Asia, the discussion centered on the transformative impact of digital and automation capabilities within the food processing and packaging industry. Tetra Pak, renowned for its innovation in sustainable packaging solutions, continues to lead with cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and bolster sustainability.

Cassio Simões, Managing Director of Tetra Pak South Asia
Cassio Simões, Managing Director of Tetra Pak South Asia

Remote Support and Connected Workforce Solutions

Addressing the challenges of production downtime and operational disruptions, Simões highlighted Tetra Pak’s robust digital and automation capabilities. "Remote Support is a big part of this," he explained, emphasizing its role in providing swift resolutions to technical and operational issues without physical presence on-site. This approach not only minimizes downtime but also maximizes production uptime, translating into significant cost savings for clients. According to Simões, "On average, our clients gain up to 130 extra hours of uptime annually," thanks to Tetra Pak’s 24/7 global support network.

The Connected Workforce solutions complement Remote Support by empowering clients with tools like Factory Feed, Call for Help, and Digital Forms and Checklists. These features facilitate seamless communication, efficient issue resolution, and streamlined operations, thereby fostering continuous improvement and reducing overall downtime. “Overall, our digital capabilities help optimize operations, enhance food safety, and deliver real cost savings by minimizing risks and maximizing returns,” he added.

Innovative Carton Packaging Solutions

Switching gears to discuss packaging innovations, Simões highlighted Tetra Pak’s flagship product, the Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper filling machine, a game-changer in the aseptic carton industry. Capable of producing up to 40,000 packs per hour, this machine incorporates advanced eBeam sterilization technology, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and sustainability. "It’s not just about speed," Simões pointed out, "but also about resource efficiency," noting that the machine consumes 30% less power and up to 45% less water compared to previous models. This exemplifies Tetra Pak’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices and environmental stewardship.


Revolutionizing Dairy Production with OneStep Technology

Discussing Tetra Pak’s revolutionary OneStep technology in dairy production, Simões outlined its transformative impact on efficiency and flexibility. "OneStep technology condenses multiple processing steps into a single continuous process," he explained. By integrating tasks such as heating, separation, homogenization, and UHT treatment in one streamlined operation, Tetra Pak significantly reduces processing time and operating costs for dairy producers. Simões highlighted that this approach cuts operating costs by up to 50% compared to conventional methods, demonstrating Tetra Pak’s dedication to enhancing sustainability and cost-efficiency in dairy production.

Advancing Automation and Digital Solutions

Simões discussed Tetra Pak’s vision for advancing automation and digital solutions. "Our focus is on seamlessly integrating and optimizing customer operations across food processing, packaging, material handling, and consumer engagement," he emphasized. Tetra Pak aims to empower customers with real-time, data-driven insights that enable informed decision-making and drive operational efficiencies. Success stories from partnerships with global brands like Mevgal and innovative projects such as Hayatna’s extensive product launches underscore Tetra Pak’s leadership in delivering sustainable, efficient, and growth-oriented solutions through automation and digital transformation.

Tetra Pak’s innovative strides in digital and automation technologies are not just reshaping food processing and packaging—they are setting new standards for efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. As Cassio Simões aptly summarized, "Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is unwavering, and we are dedicated to empowering our customers with the tools and technologies they need to thrive in a competitive global market."

By prioritizing sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Tetra Pak remains at the forefront of driving positive change in the way food and beverages are processed, packaged, and delivered worldwide.

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