UFlex set to showcase latest innovations in packaging at Pac MechEx 2024

Pick Fill and Seal machine
Pick Fill and Seal machine

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, UFlex’s Engineering division specializes in manufacturing a comprehensive range of machinery tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries. Their offerings include Form Fill and Seal, Pick Fill and Seal, wrapping, and special purpose packaging machines, along with aseptic and liquid packaging machines for packers. Additionally, UFlex provides rotogravure printing machines, CI gearless flexo machines, lamination (solvent-less and solvent-base), extrusion coating lamination, multi-layered plastics flexible films recycling machines, slitting, pouch/bag making, and other allied machines catering to converters worldwide. This diverse portfolio underscores their commitment to serving as a complete solution provider for packaging, printing, and laminate production needs.

In a recent interview, Sanjay Malik Sabharwal, Joint President and COO of UFlex Limited's Engineering business, provided valuable insights into the company's participation in Pac MechEx 2024, scheduled from 5th to 7th June at the India International Convention & Expo Center, Dwarka, New Delhi.

Innovation in product portfolio

Sabharwal emphasized innovation as the cornerstone of UFlex's progress, particularly in their Form Fill and Seal machines. He adds, “With a steadfast focus on enhancing speed and accommodating diverse packaging formats, we have consistently pursued advancements in our Form Fill and Seal machines. As productivity and output remain paramount, our unwavering efforts have resulted in machines capable of producing up to 140 pouches per minute. Furthermore, we are continuously striving towards introducing models with even higher speeds in the near future.”

Simultaneously, UFlex’s endeavors have extended to optimizing packaging formats, including stand-up and other variations, to enable brand producers to secure prime shelf space in supermarkets. This dual approach, emphasizing speed and automation alongside versatile packaging solutions, underscores its commitment to driving excellence in the industry.

UFlex at Pac MechEx 2024

UFlex will showcase several advanced machines at Pac MechEx 2024, including the PFS with an online vacuumizing facility, CT-140 Continuous machine, and Multi-Track Machine MT-3SS. Each machine is equipped with advanced features to enhance productivity, accuracy, and versatility in packaging solutions.

a)  PFS with online vacuumizing facility: -

• Pouch width from 90mm to 240mm

• Equipped with vacuumizing application

• More shelf life for products like dry fruits, rice, etc.

• Flexible for different types of pouches –  preform pouches like three side seal, centre seal, slider zipper, press to zipper, stand-up pouch, bottom gusset, three side gadget and shaped pouches.

• Pack size from 10gm to 1kg.

• No change of parts required for different pack sizes 

• No Pick–No Fill and No Fill–No Seal

• Zero wastage

• Requires less maintenance

• Machine speed up to 30 PPM with vacuumizing facility

•  Flexible for different applications like granules, powder, liquid, semi-liquid, etc.

• Less change-over time for different pack size

b) CT-140 Continuous:

•  A continuous motion machine

• Machine is equipped with latest technologies of electronics

• High productivity output up to 140ppm

• High accuracy and less rejection

• High uptime and less downtime

• Less wear and tear

• Suitable for lap seal, fin seal etc.

• Change over time is very less

• Pack size 10gm to 1kg

• Machine is available in 280mm, 380mm and 480mm roll widths.

• Operator-friendly

c)  Multi-Track Machine MT-3SS

•   High-speed continuous motion Multi Track Machine MT1200 3S (three-side sealed pouches)

• Speed: - 100 Stroke / per min. (max track -12, up to 1200 sachet per min)

• Output: - Three-side sealed pouches

•  Filling – Powder /Liquid / Granule

•  Facility for secondary automation

•  Equipped with latest technology of electrical and electronics

•  Laminate saving

•  Operator-friendly

Sabharwal highlighted the importance of platforms like Pac MechEx in achieving business objectives. He says, “These exhibitions provide a robust platform for sharing technological advancements with numerous customers. In essence, the live demonstration of machines bridges the gap between potential users and manufacturers of advanced technologies and equipment.”

Visit UFlex at Pac MechEx

Sabharwal invites potential customers and visitors attending the show to witness the advancements in packaging technologies and equipment offered by UFlex. He emphasized the significant benefits, including time savings in identifying the appropriate technology and manufacturer.

UFlex will be in Hall 1, Booth No. H-05, eagerly awaiting to meet their customers and visitors. This exhibition promises to be an exciting opportunity for industry professionals to explore the latest innovations in packaging technology and engage with industry leaders like UFlex.

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