ADM & NTU Singapore launch Plant-based Perfection Challenge 2021

Promoting plant protein
ADM & NTU Singapore launch Plant-based Perfection Challenge 2021

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Cvrry emerged as the champion of the Plant-based Perfection Challenge 2021, a competition that looks for the most innovative plant-based meat alternative that best represents Asia, with an associated business concept.

Jointly organized by ADM, a global leader in human and animal nutrition, and NTUitive, the innovation and enterprise company of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), the Plant-based Perfection Challenge aims to promote and popularise plant-based protein meat alternatives by challenging aspiring chefs and students to create the best dish tailored to Asian palates.

NTU's support of the competition reflects its growing expertise in sustainable food and food technology, including its emerging role in driving Singapore's food safety science capabilities with the launch of its Future Ready Food Safety Hub (FRESH) in April, in support of the nation's growing food innovation ecosystem.

The Plant-based Perfection Challenge 2021 seeks to address the rapid growth of the global meat substitutes sector, which is estimated to be worth US$8.3 billion, as consumers worldwide, especially in Asia, are increasingly adopting diets with less meat or meat-free lifestyles. "As Asian consumers increase consumption of plant-based foods for their nutritional and environmental benefits, our partnership with NTUitive seeks to encourage and challenge students to develop innovative recipes using ADM's proteins and flavors to create products that deliver on taste, texture and nutrition for a great eating experience", said Dirk Oyen, vice president and general manager of South East Asia Human Nutrition, ADM.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Winner of the ADM x NTUitive Plant-based Perfection Challenge 2021 – Team Cvrry</p></div>

Winner of the ADM x NTUitive Plant-based Perfection Challenge 2021 – Team Cvrry

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Cvrry beat three other teams in the finals with their Cvrry Chicken Puff wrapped in a delicious crispy and delicate vegan pastry, combined with a spiced plant[1]based chicken and curried chicken potato filling. The three-person team was awarded S$3,000 worth of cash prizes and opportunities with ADM, including an internship, trial production with ADM ingredient solutions, and technical and regulatory support.

Out of the top four teams, three were made up of NTU students. In addition, NTUitive will offer support and opportunities to the winning teams in the form of access to funding and grants to spinoff the commercial potential and continued mentorship.

XLBaos came in second place and received S$2,000, Temptations came in third and received S$1,000, and Vrab received $300 worth of vouchers as a consolation prize.

"Our team believes that the versatility of plant-based food can be accentuated through simplicity. We reinvent our favorite Southeast Asian snack, the humble curry puff while sticking to our traditional roots. It is highly adaptable to appeal to various diets and cuisines and can be eaten anytime, anywhere", said Khoo Guo Chin, a member of team Cvrry.

David Toh, Interim chief executive officer of NTUitive, said, "The Plant-based Perfection Challenge has been an excellent avenue to expose our students to food innovation and its commercial potential. This competition enables our students to gain deeper insights into nutritional issues while developing implementable solutions through collaboration with industry experts from ADM."

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