Firmenich recreates meat-like juiciness in plant-based analogs

Dynarome SR – An innovative natural solution for vegan products
Firmenich recreates meat-like juiciness in plant-based analogs
Firmenich unveils innovative natural solution to recreate meat-like juiciness in plant-based alternativesPhoto - Dagny Walter from Pixabay

Firmenich, the world's largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company, is proud to announce the launch of Dynarome SR, its proprietary, natural, Sustained Release technology designed to deliver an even more authentic meat experience in plant-based analogs. Dynarome SR mimics animal fat release to recreate the same juicy taste and succulence in vegan products.

"Through our innovation, we strive to develop products that consumers will love. For meat analogs specifically, that means providing solutions to our customers that satisfy the ever-rising Flexitarian consumer's expectation for a real meat-like experience," said Antje Ratz, vice president of Firmenich's SmartProteins Program." Juiciness, succulence, and meat-type fatty lingering are key sensory cues signaled by meat that Dynarome SR delivers in plant-based alternatives. We are eager to explore this exciting new range of products with our customers to create even more delicious meat analogs."

"We are very proud of this latest breakthrough flavor technology, enabling our customers to further innovate in this highly transformative food segment," said Mary Clarke, senior vice president - Innovation for Firmenich's Taste and Beyond business. "We believe it is testimony to the differentiated approach built on science that Firmenich and Campus bring to our customers."

While growing in popularity with their reputation as healthier and more sustainable than animal products, plant proteins and fats lack key components to create and release typical meaty, juicy notes. In fact, plant proteins can often be perceived as dry.

"Taking the example of a grilled burger patty, beef notes that generate while cooking and then mingle with the cooked fat melting in your mouth are key to an authentic burger experience. We wanted to re-create that same effect with a natural product that looks, cooks, and smells like beef – but is vegan," said Mark Rubin, principal flavorist at Firmenich. "The Dynarome SR flavor solution we invented does just that by mimicking animal fat and delivering the right cooking aroma and juicy taste."

Mary Clarke added, "We are on a journey of continuous innovation, where Firmenich is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Taste, Masking, and Texture for SmartProteins. We are excited about this achievement with Dynarome SR, as well as several new technologies in development that will further enable the success of our customers' brands."

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