Goodmylk acquires nutrition brand PRO2FIT to enable high-quality nutrition for all

One of the first M&As in the growing plant-based sector
Goodmylk acquires nutrition brand PRO2FIT to enable high-quality nutrition for all

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Goodmylk, a leading Indian plant-based dairy company acquires PRO2FIT, developer of plant-based nutrition products. Both brands saw synergies in their missions to make plant-based food and nutrition accessible to all.

Radhika Datt, co-founder at Goodmylk, said, “It has always been part of Goodmylk's vision to increase food security through local, nutrient-rich plant-based foods. It's more affordable, sustainable and better for everyone. PRO2FIT’s vision matched ours and this should be an exciting journey!”

Abhay Rangan, founder at Goodmylk said, “Consumers today want more than functional products - they want to feel good about what they eat. It is important to balance claims of functionality with clean labels, price and taste. Nutrient-dense, clean label plant--based foods are the future, and we are excited to enable this with PRO2FIT on board”.

The plant-based sector continues to grow unprecedentedly in India, and promises to provide a more sustainable, viable alternative to industrially-farmed animal ingredients at scale. Global investment in the broader ‘smart protein’ sector totalled a record US$ 5 billion in 2021, according to expert non-profit Good Food Institute India, with very little coming in India - indicating a major opportunity for growth and investment. The sector shows huge promise to address challenges of climate change, public health, and food insecurity, with foods such as plant-based dairy and meat being vastly better in terms of their land, water, and energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and a host of other indicators key for resource-stressed countries like India.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Abhay Rangan, Founder at Goodmylk</p></div>

Abhay Rangan, Founder at Goodmylk

Varun Deshpande, managing director, Good Food Institute India, said, “Smart protein is a transformative sector for human and planetary health, and milestones like this acquisition indicate that the industry is beginning to mature. As companies like PRO2FIT and Goodmylk continue to marry food science, great taste, and nutrition, we’re in for an exciting new phase of growth.”

PRO2FIT was founded by wife-husband duo Payal and Saurabh Shah. Payal Shah said, “We started PRO2FIT with a passion to provide clean-label, good quality plant-based supplements/nutrition. Goodmylk shares the same ideology and passion and we look forward to this exciting new journey!”

Saurabh Shah said, “There is a shift in focus of consumers towards preventive care and wellness in terms of balanced and adequate nutrition in the form of external supplementation/fortification. We believe there is a major change in the coming years for plant-based nutrition and its exciting to share this journey with Goodmylk.”

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