HealthKart's plant-based nutrition brand bGREEN becomes an internationally certified vegan brand

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HealthKart's plant-based nutrition brand bGREEN becomes an internationally certified vegan brand

bGREEN was certified by the world's oldest and original vegan society, The Vegan Society of the UK, for no animal ingredients contamination or animal testing

Leading nutrition and supplement platform HealthKart's plant-based nutrition brand bGREEN has achieved the distinction of being India's first vegan product certified by The Vegan Society of the United Kingdom. Known as the oldest vegan organization globally, The Vegan Society has certified that bGREEN contains no animal ingredients contamination in their products and the brand has performed no animal testing for the product, and thus, was certified for offering pure products plant-based nutrition.

"We are proud to have brought this rare distinction to India. With increasing awareness about sustainable food habits, the demand for plant-based food in an easy-to-use manner is also on the rise. It is in our DNA to offer world-class Indian products at affordable prices that the customers can trust and be sure of. To that end, we are always eager to go the extra mile to provide exceptional products worthy of such widespread recognition. In the growing plant-based nutrition space in India, bGREEN wants to inspire people to be more plant-based in their food choices by becoming the most trusted and biggest brand that is 100% vegan in its origin," said Kaustuv Paliwal, associate vice president, Brands, HealthKart

When bGREEN was debuted in 2020, the country was still reeling from the effects of Covid 19. During this period, the company managed to provide nutrition to vegans through its online marketplace. It is a plant-based nutrition company that offers products like plant protein, pre-workout, and vitamins and minerals health supplements. With its growing presence in the Indian market, bGREEN aims to be the market leader in the plant-based nutrition segment.

bGREEN products have been thoroughly examined and found to improve performance in vegan athletes. They are also renowned for enhancing heart health, including lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and increasing heart pumping capacity. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps athletes perform better.

The Vegan Society is one of the oldest vegan organizations globally, founded on a philosophy that tries to eliminate all sorts of animal exploitation and cruelty for food, clothing, or any other purpose. As a company, bGREEN has worked hard to adopt the same attitude and provide world-class plant-based products to its clients. Under the Vegan Trademark, it has also registered over 56,000 products worldwide, including cosmetics, clothing, foods, drinks, and household items; some of the big brands include Horlicks, Mars Wrigley, and Ghost Fragrances.

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