Piperleaf introduces vegan egg premix, ‘Eggishh’

Plant-based egg alternative
Piperleaf introduces vegan egg premix, ‘Eggishh’

Piperleaf, a 100% plant-based food company, is back with its mission of making plant-based foods more accessible to everyone - this time with their unique addition - Eggishh - A plant-based egg alternative.

With Eggishh, Piperleaf intends to provide a protein alternative to those following a vegan lifestyle and to everyone who consciously wants to replace regular eggs with alternatives such as Eggishh. According to Piperleaf, Eggish reduces carbon footprint and is manufactured in an environment-friendly and cruelty-free manner. These vegan eggs are legume-based, gluten-free, soy-free, and do not contain any artificial preservatives.

Team Piperleaf comprising of competent food technologists with years of expertise, have put in a year of research, experimenting, and testing to make sure that Eggishh not only replicates the taste of eggs but claims to provide you the whole experience, right from the smell, the texture, the way it's cooked to even nutrition!

You can use it to make a wide number of dishes that you cook using regular eggs, including scrambled eggs, omelets, and even French Toast. The objective was to create an alternative that is more stable, easier to cook, better in taste, long-lasting, and even affordable. Piperleaf comes up with an impeccable premix format which increases its shelf life and makes it more convenient to use.

The founder of Piperleaf, Anshul Agarwal, remarked, "Per capita consumption of eggs in India is 81 a year. On the other hand, the consumption of meat is comparatively lower at 4.5 kg per capita per year. Even with this data available, it is evident to everyone in the plant-based community that the mock meat industry is gaining more popularity and growing faster. India's domestic egg production is around 100 billion annually and we want to be the change that is needed today. Piperleaf aims to cater to all kinds of diets, such as non-vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians, vegans, etc., to help them move to a plant-based diet that provides them with the food they are accustomed to love. We believe Eggishh can be a part of your daily diet and will slowly allow you to eliminate eggs from your plate altogether."

Piperleaf also conducted a tasting session in November in Gurgaon and has received a flood of positive feedback from vegans and non-vegans alike. Not only did the customers love the taste, they were in awe of how similar Eggishh is to a regular egg. Even with the creation of Eggishh, Piperleaf still believes there is a long way to go to make Alt Protein more accessible to all. The company is in talks with QSRs across metro cities to make their product available through HoReCa channel and are also planning to expand internationally by early 2023.

Piperleaf is proud to announce that this world vegan month is launching this egg-ceptional product in the Indian Market through their website and will ensure that it is available through multiple eCommerce channels in the near future to make alternative protein options more accessible to all those who want it. Check out their website to get your hands on Eggishh and enjoy your plant-based breakfast guilt-free.

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