Bry-Air offers solutions for hygroscopic & moisture sensitive food

Dehumidifier offers simple & economic solution to overcome lumping & caking by controlling RH
Bry-Air has over five decades of experience in the field of dehumidification and environment control solutions.
Bry-Air has over five decades of experience in the field of dehumidification and environment control solutions.Photo - Bry-Air

Moisture control is crucial in the food industry segment, including storage, production, packaging, or processing. The presence of moisture in certain foods can have adverse effects like it can alter the physical properties of food, deteriorate taste and reduce shelf life. Therefore, proper dehumidification across various stages of food processing ensures the most economical and straightforward solution to overcome lumping and caking by controlling the relative humidity in the environment.

Gurugram-based Bry-Air, a flagship company of the Pahwa Group, is a leader in dehumidification systems. The company offers various solutions for humidity control, plastic drying, gas phase filtration, and air-treatment critical to food, pharmaceutical, plastics industry, medical plastics, cold storage, and lithium batteries. The company has over five decades of experience in the field of dehumidification and environment control solutions.

Over the past few decades, Bry-Air has maintained a legacy by providing dehumidification solutions to segments like candies and confectionaries, dairy, snack food, spices, frozen food, cold stores, seeds across countries, regions, and continents and have maintained long term partnership with food processors and exporters. Speaking of the company, Dinesh Gupta, director, Bry-Air (Asia), says, “The primary business for Bry-Air’s dehumidification - moisture control solutions comes from the pharmaceutical and food industries. We work with leading MNC’s and Indian companies operating in the food business.”

Bry-Air dehumidifies for food processing industry
Bry-Air dehumidifies for food processing industryPhoto - Bry Air

Strong patent portfolio

With three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Gurgaon and one in Manesar, India, and wholly-owned subsidiaries in Malaysia, China, and Switzerland, Bry-Air has installations in over 85 countries in almost every industry. The company is supported by a robust sales and service network worldwide with 1500 employees, including about 750 engineers and technical resources. Bry-Air has filed 132 international patent applications in 13 new technologies since 2007, of which 55 patents have been granted to date.

According to Gupta, Bry-Air desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to comply with the most complex and critical high humidity and moisture removal or regain requirements during processing. It helps prevent mold or fungal growth, condensation prevention, loss of key product characteristics, malfunctioning, and inconsistency, thereby preventing production losses or rejections and reduced shelf life.

The food and pharma segment stays strong amid the pandemic

Despite the pandemic, Bry-Air continued to deliver services without any break and carried on with necessary safety measures in place. The Group achieved a turnover of approximately 400 crore. Gupta adds, “Demand from pharmaceutical and food processing companies kept us going. Due to the pandemic, there is a huge demand for packaged food, including snacks and namkeens. Moreover, cold-storage facilities with dehumidification solutions have also gained traction.”

Dinesh Gupta, director, Bry-Air (Asia)
Dinesh Gupta, director, Bry-Air (Asia)

Bry-Air touches people’s lives round the clock

At Bry-Air, innovation in technology and business processes is the driving philosophy. Pahwa Group strives to deliver solutions that enable its customers to increase productivity at a low cost, higher throughput within limited resources, and reach economies of scale. Gupta explains, “The company is effectively focusing on new-age technologies and adopting digitization in the march towards Industry 4.0, which is expected to drive the industry growth soon. Our latest range of products has Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies embedded because customers are looking for real-time information and effective means to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance and production costs.”

Growing demand for HVAC&R systems

Bry-Air is among the top Indian players in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry, whose products are equally sought after in the international markets, as they are in the Indian market. According to Gupta, in the last decade, the HVAC&R market has witnessed a significant jump due to contributing factors like rapid industrialization and growing investments in the infrastructure sector, unpredictable climatic conditions, and inclination towards comfort and indoor air quality. He adds, “The rising need for energy-efficient HVAC&R systems, surging dehumidification (moisture control), and growing replacement demand for HVAC&R systems is expected to drive the industry growth soon. Bry-Air, known for its innovative solutions, is focused on fulfilling the need of our manufacturers.”

Commenting on the current situation, Gupta urges, “We all are facing the toughest period. We all must keep in mind the people that help us move forward. This is the time to work collectively and be empathetic toward others during such circumstances. We need positivity to sail through the times.”

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