CO2-based pulverizing of spices - Jaivik Foods

CO2-based pulverizing of spices - Jaivik Foods
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The use of spices to elevate the flavor of food is considered a part of Indian Tradition for centuries. The chemical composition of spices has shown variance in their properties due to compounds like phenylpropanoids, terpenes, flavonoids, anthocyanins along with volatile Oil. Due to which, the Conventional grinding process cannot be relied upon. As the temperature rises, the following occurs:

  • Loss of essential Oils – The Volatile Oils & Oleoresins are sensitive to high temperature generated during the conventional grinding process.

  • Clogging of Mill – Spices Which contain high Fats & Moisture can clog the mill during the process, in turn hampering the production quantity

  • Loss of moisture

  • Discoloration

  • Loss of flavor

To avoid this, during the grinding process, many use different type of chilling units to cool the spices, like compression chiller, absorption chiller & Cryogenic cooling system.

In a bid to provide consumers with the best quality spices, Jaivik Food offers CO2-based grinding solutions for spices to offer wholesome, nutritionally superior, and devoid of any heat-inflicted damage, which involves grinding the spices at low temperatures in the range of 5 to 45 degree C.

Even though the liquefied gases like N2, Ne, He and ammonia are known to be the suitable coolants but they are very expensive and difficult to store and transport.

This process involves use of High pressure liquefied CO2 stored in a Cylinder which is released at the atmospheric pressure to form carbonic snow/ dry ice. The dry ice is mixed in the Ethylene Glycol water mixture bath & is further circulated by a pump to the heat exchanger to cool the Air used by a downstream process. The chilled fluid is recirculated to the bath. The low temperature retains the volatile compounds in the spices for optimum quality and aroma. This technique helps maintain a consistent particle size while grinding and does not alter the chemical composition of the spices.

CO2-based grinding offers the following benefits to the spices:

  • The circulating gas which is Ambient air does not come in contact with CO2, so cylinders containing commercial grade CO2 can be used.

  • Fast cooling, temperature independent efficiency and thermal stability.

  • The only power consuming equipment is the pump required for circulating Cold Fluid.

  • The chilled gas coming out of the heat exchanger is 100% saturated leading to less moisture loss from spices.

  • CO2 is relatively inexpensive leading to economical operation.

  • A complete skid mounted system is delivered.

CO2-based grinding helps to maintain the existing stringent regulations and quality preferences which demand superior technology for spices’ production, processing, packaging, and transportation. Low temperature grinding using liquid carbon dioxide is a promising method of producing spices that can be exported or used in the domestic market.

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