Corbion solution delivers consumer-friendly dough conditioning

The latest addition to Pristine range lets bakers scratch DATEM
Corbion solution delivers consumer-friendly dough conditioning

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The latest addition to the company's Pristine range enables bakers to overcome common quality hurdles such as wheat protein inconsistencies and high-speed processing without relying on gluten supplementation and traditional solutions like DATEM.

Two seemingly contradictory priorities have long challenged bakers: 1) deliver the consistent product quality consumers expect despite fluctuating gluten levels in wheat flour and the demands of high-speed manufacturing lines, and 2) remove artificial-sounding ingredients, such as DATEM (diacetyl tartaric acid ester of monoglycerides), which many shoppers want to avoid. Now global ingredients leader Corbion is expanding its Pristine range with a new consumer-friendly dough strengthening solution that lets them accomplish both simultaneously.

New Pristine 3000 is Corbion's most robust dough conditioning innovation yet, allowing bakers to create a dough with the overall strength and tolerance needed to stand up to today's high-speed commercial processing. Providing outstanding functionality that has historically made DATEM an industry-standard, Pristine 3000 also reduces the need for adding costly vital wheat gluten, which often subjects bakers to volatile pricing and supply issues. Even with protein-deficient flour, the new solution produces dough with optimal machinability that results in high oven spring, soft texture and overall consistent quality in the final product.

Corbion solution delivers consumer-friendly dough conditioning
New Corbion solutions help bakers handle wheat protein variability

"This breakthrough solution is the direct result of Corbion's ongoing commitment to, and investment in, innovation in dough conditioning and baking technologies," said Kathy Sargent, director of Global Market Strategy at Corbion. "Pristine 3000 helps bakers achieve the particular qualities and eating experience their customers expect every time they purchase their favorite products. And consumers will now be able to feel even better about those products knowing they contain fewer ingredients they don't understand."

Corbion has also added to the versatility of its portfolio with the recent introduction of Pristine 2200, a conditioning system replacement explicitly designed to enhance mixing and machinability and provide greater tolerance and dough strength even when protein content is substandard or when gluten reduction is a goal. And for those who need a drop-in solution, Pristine 100 G can be added to the bakers' existing dough conditioning systems to reduce or eliminate supplementation with vital wheat gluten without compromising gas retention during proofing, volume and oven spring.

"These new solutions give our customers flexibility in choosing highly effective, consumer-friendly alternatives for solving today's processing and quality challenges," Sargent said. "Whether they choose to keep their current dough conditioning system or replace it altogether, bakers can now deliver a product with all the qualities their customers expect and the kind of ingredient list they want."

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