Jaivik Ribbon Blender for dry pre-processed granules and powders

JVRB’s working principle uses, and features for ensuring highly efficient mixing solutions for all powder processing plants
Jaivik Ribbon Blender (JVRB)
Jaivik Ribbon Blender (JVRB)Photo - Jaivik Foods

Industrial mixers and blenders are typically used in the food industry to ensure proper and consistent mixing of multiple ingredients in high volume. Taste, appearance, color, pungency, aroma, and texture are critical parameters of the final product which are influenced by the blending process. With the right robust design and advanced technology in the Jaivik Ribbon Blender (JVRB) Model series blenders, this homogenous balance can be achieved efficiently with minimum effort and a high degree of accuracy.

Jaivik Ribbon Blender (JVRB)

Jaivik Foods has a unique range of Ribbon blender model series which caters to the homogenous mixing of two or more pre-processed powder materials with varying densities and characteristics. They offer high blending efficiency in a short period. Even the smallest quantities added are perfectly distributed to ensure that the final product is proportionately and accurately mixed. The shearing action in the interface provides mild kneading along with mixing.

Although dry blending is more popular, a ribbon mixer can also be used to prepare flowing pastes or slurries. Liquid ingredients are often added through a charge port on the cover. For critical applications, a liquid ingredient is added via spray nozzles installed in a spray bar located just above the ribbon agitator.

Photo - Jaivik Foods

Working Principle

JVRB is designed in a way that the outer ribbon conveys from the end toward the center, whereas the inner conveys from the center towards the end. Jacketed designs are available for heating or cooling while the outboard bearings and stuffing boxes are useful for eliminating product contamination. It avoids dead spots while rapidly discharging the product.

The JVRB works by first loading the ingredients into the blender, filling it up to 40-100% of its rated capacity, up to the level of the outer ribbon’s tip, less than the unit’s total holding volume. This allows space for the vigorous mixing and agitation of the material. The agitator rotates and produces a ribbon tip speed of up to 300 FPM, depending on the application. The ribbons move the material radially - the outer ribbons move the ingredients in, toward the blender’s center, and the inner ribbons move them out toward the blender wall. The difference in the outer and inner ribbons’ speeds moves the material laterally or axially in two opposite directions.

Regarding efficiency and compactness, the direct drive arrangement is better compared to the outmoded belt drives that have in past relied on belts. The desired blend volume defines the blender’s capacity. It can blend solids with solids, as well as solids with low or high percentages of liquids. The motor’s low-inertia rotor is matched specifically to the gear unit’s characteristics. This leads to a high dynamic capability, essential for high start-stop cycles such as mixing operations. It minimizes residual product in the trough following the discharge, reducing material waste and cleaning time.

JVRB Design Features

  • Fabricated from heavy gauge MS or any other material of construction like SS 304, 304 L, SS 316, and SS 316L with polishing

  • Volumetric capacities to suit specific applications

  • Built for longer trouble-free service

  • Designed for maximum homogenous mixing efficiency in leakproof construction

  • Versatile, economical and effective in low-energy agitation requirements

  • Shorter batch time due to contra-mixing ribbons

  • Higher shear mixing capabilities

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Dust-free Operation


Jaivik Ribbon Blenders find utility in a wide range of industries that include spices and herbs, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food & bakery, cosmetics, plastics, spices, cement, grouts and mortar, sludge recovery, wood flour, resins, coffee, tea, tobacco products, fertilizer, and much more.

Jaivik Ribbon Blenders follow an efficient mechanism to process your granule powders into smooth pastes or slurries. Jaivik Foods possesses the right advanced technology and knowledge to help you with your processing applications. For detailed insights into the working principle of the JVRB and its usage in your business, get in touch with the Jaivik Foods team.

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