Kiron Food Processing Technologies to unveil advanced food processing equipment and solutions at Inter FoodTech 2024

Lindor Mixer
Lindor Mixer

As the food processing industry evolves, companies like Kiron Food Processing Technologies (KFPT) play a crucial role in bridging the gap between food processing systems manufacturers worldwide and India's thriving food processing sector. With a keen focus on innovation and a commitment to providing top-notch solutions, KFPT is set to make a significant impact at Inter FoodTech 2024, scheduled from 5 to 7 June at the India International Convention & Expo Center in Dwarka, New Delhi.

Sirjan Singh Kochhar, business manager at KFPT, speaks about the company’s product portfolio and expertise and shares, "Kiron Food Processing Technologies has strong project engineering knowledge and provides solutions for a wide range of applications in the food processing industry. From snacks to dairy products, dried fruits and nuts, grains, and bakery goods, we cater to diverse product categories, such as powders, frozen, etc.” Moreover, they extend their services to non-food industries such as detergents, household chemicals, etc.

Commitment to Research and Development

Innovation is at the heart of KFPT's operations. "The encouragement and demands from our customers have enabled KFPT to provide cutting-edge technologies for their needs," explains Kochhar. Through a range of solutions, including vibratory technology, belt conveying, aero-mechanical conveying, and now screw conveying, KFPT ensures the provision of food-safe and hygienic solutions for its customers' food products.

He also observes a growing demand for drying and thermal treatment methods that preserve the nutritional integrity of food, reduce microbiological loads, enhance yields, and add value to commercial products. He tells, “Technologies such as freeze drying, vacuum drying, Pulsed Electric Field, and sterilization play a crucial role in meeting these demands.”

KFPT’s participation at Inter FoodTech 2024

At the upcoming trade show Inter FoodTech 2024, KFPT will showcase a range of innovative solutions aimed at revolutionizing the food processing landscape. "Visitors to our stall can expect to see a gentle mixer from Lindor, multiple vibratory conveyors from Foodeq FPT, tray washing solutions from Numafa, and sterilization technologies from Kreyenborg," says Kochhar. "These innovative solutions underscore our commitment to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to our clients."

He states that trade shows like Inter FoodTech play a crucial role in helping KFPT achieve its business objectives. Kochhar explains, "Exhibitions like Inter FoodTech provide us with the perfect platform to find new customers, stay updated on industrial trends, network with industry peers, and achieve our business goals."

Looking ahead to Inter FoodTech 2024, KFPT has high expectations. "We are expecting to generate leads, promote our brand, and network with potential customers," says Kochhar.

Kochar mentions that the previous editions of InterFood Tech, Snack & BakeTec have been overwhelmingly positive. "Trade shows like Inter FoodTech have consistently provided us with opportunities to generate promising leads, stay on top of emerging trends, and increase our brand visibility. We are excited to build on this success in the 2024 edition.”

Invitation to visitors

KFPT extends a warm invitation to all visitors to stop by their stall at Hall No. 1, Stall No. D03. "Come visit us at Inter FoodTech 2024 for live demonstrations and a glimpse into the future of the food processing industry," says Kochhar. "Get an exclusive preview of the latest food processing technology innovations and discover how KFPT can help take your business to the next level."

As Kiron Food Processing Technologies continues to lead the way in innovation and excellence, Inter FoodTech 2024 promises to be an exciting platform for the company to showcase its latest offerings and connect with industry stakeholders.

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