Relive your childhood memories this summer with Mother's Recipe's regional pickles

Mother's Recipe offers an exclusive range of traditional pickles like Punjabi pachranga, punjabi mixed, mango, and mixed pickles
North- Punjabi Pachranga, Punjabi Mixed, Mango, and Mixed pickles

North- Punjabi Pachranga, Punjabi Mixed, Mango, and Mixed pickles

Photo - Mother's Recipe

No meal is complete without a sweet, sour, spicy, and mouth-watering. Indian achaars add a unique flavor to every thali across all states in India. To add spice & tanginess to your mundane meals, Mother's Recipe is one of the Indian food brands and has an exclusive range of traditional pickles. These pickles are made using age-old recipes, especially for the northern region of India.

According to the company, Mother's Recipe is a synonym for pickles prepared the way our grandmothers would make by only using the best ingredients, and the finest quality spices keeping our Indian traditions alive. The pickles prepared have a burst of aromatic spices and are bottled with goodness that lures you back to your childhood memories. Mother's Recipe has developed pickles like punjabi pachranga, punjabi mixed, mango, and mixed pickle, which are common favorites from the wide range of pickles.

Commenting on this Sanjana Desai, executive director, Mother's Recipe said "Pickles have been an integral part of our Indian cuisine and each region has established its distinctive taste. We celebrate this unique taste in every state that is so integral to our home-cooked meals. We at Mother's Recipe believe in investing in our R&D team and have been able to research and perfect over 60 regional pickle variants that suit the palette of every region. We ensure that our pickles are prepared with the finest ingredients, with the traditional and authentic method, they are free from any preservatives with a flavourful blend of spices."

Over a period, the usage of pickles in India has undergone a transition from being just a side dish or taste enhancer to becoming an appetizer. The millennial population with their passion for experimenting with food has resulted in quirky combinations like the famous cutlets, pakode, kachori, chaat, frankie,kachalu, dum aloo, And nadir monji can be the perfect partner with mango pickle or mixed pickle.

All Mother's Recipe pickles are available online on and across all retail outlets, supermarkets, and neighborhood stores.

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