Tikku Condiments to spread its wings across the globe in the next five years

Quality products at affordable prices
Tikku Condiments to spread its wings across the globe in the next five years
Photo - Tikku Condiments

With only seven products in the portfolio, Tikku Condiments started its journey to rule the industry, and now the company has over 200 products across three brands under the Tikku banner. Tikku's wide range product portfolio includes a variety of spices, dessert mixes, milkshakes, herbs, masalas, and a flavored range of coffee and green teas.

Speaking about the USP of its products, Karan Panchal, managing director and chief executive officer of Tikku Condiments, explained, "We offer quality products at affordable prices compared to all other brands in the market and offer a wide range of products under one banner. We constantly evaluate the market taste and needs of the consumers to give them a better taste and value for their money."

Photo - Tikku Condiments
Karan Panchal, managing director and chief executive officer of Tikku Condiments
Karan Panchal, managing director and chief executive officer of Tikku CondimentsPhoto - Tikku Condiments

Safe and hygienic processing

Panchal highlighted that at Tikku Condiments, all manufacturing processes ensure complete safety and hygiene as per the industry standards. It uses the best raw materials procured directly from the manufacturing unit to provide excellent product taste. According to him, direct procurement helps them reduce their product cost as they buy their raw materials in bulk, which allows them to provide the best quality at affordable rates.

Speaking about the manufacturing facility, he added, "We have automatic and semi-automatic machines for processing our products. The packaging area is airtight with the air conditioning system, which ensures our products don't get moisture while packing and remain in their best state. We have a dedicated lab where we constantly do R&D to make our products better and ensure proper taste. We even constantly research and develop new products for our consumers according to market needs."

Photo - Tikku Condiments

Consumers changing demand

According to Panchal, the food industry has seen a complete diversification of consumer taste post-covid. People started exploring more options, and their demand shifted from traditionally bought products to ready-to-eat products to make their lives easier.

Tikku Condiments constantly thrives on meeting changing consumers' needs and tastes and keeps expanding its portfolio to cater to the demand. The company's target consumers are mothers and housewives, but their product portfolio also offers a wide range of teenage products. They are even targeting influencers and professional food bloggers who influence a large mass of people across India and around the world.

Robust distribution channel

Tikku Condiments follows both traditional as well as modern approaches to distribution. "Traditionally, our distribution channel consists of SS, traders, distributors, and retailers. In our modern approach, we have our products listed on Amazon and Meesho and our website for online sales," he added.

Currently, Tikku Condiments is targeting Indian consumers, but in the next few months, they're planning to start export to Africa, the UAE, the UK, and Canada, where the demand for Indian spices is growing.

Challenges in the spice industry

Sharing his views on the future outlook of the spice industry in India, Panchal stated, "India is the land of spices; we are known for our spices. Over the past few years, we have constantly seen the growth and demand for Indian spices across the globe, and we're one of the biggest exporters of spices in the world, which gives us the advantage to grow."

He highlighted the main challenges in the spice industry and said, "The traditional marketing strategy and the abundance of intermediary export channels are the main problems we encounter."

Growth plan of Tikku Condiments

According to Panchal, Tikku Condiments plans to add more products to its portfolio. He proudly stated, "Five years from now, we see ourselves in India's top 10 brands in the food category. We want Tikku to be a home brand for everything an Indian kitchen requires. We aim to spread our wings globally by delivering the best products at competitive prices. Further, we have plans to open our retail outlets and cafes across different cities in the coming years."

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