4700BC partners with NOTO to unveil the future of dessert with Himalayan salt caramel popcorn-infused ice cream

4700BC partners with NOTO to unveil the future of dessert with Himalayan salt caramel popcorn-infused ice cream
Photo - 4700BC
  • The two fastest-growing FMCG brands have joined forces to create a unique and innovative product offering

  • Through this revolutionary collaboration, 4700BC promises to offer an indulgent and healthier alternative to traditional ice cream flavors

This World Popcorn Day, snacking brand 4700BC continues to disrupt the snacking industry by announcing its collaboration with NOTO ice-creams to launch an exceptional flavor of ice cream popcorn. This exclusive collaboration brings together the two brands that are committed to innovation and focus on using high-quality ingredients—embarking on this journey together, 4700BC promises to offer a healthier yet indulgent treat for all ice cream lovers looking for guilt-free sensorial pleasures.

Known for its diverse array of exotic popcorn, 4700BC and NOTO ice creams have developed a delectable flavor with their all-time rage Himalayan Salt Caramel popcorn. The richness of caramel with the subtle saltiness of Himalayan pink salt is a nod to the appetizing and satisfying dessert curated for all snack fanatics across the country.

This delectable combo of the two favorites offers a wholesome experience with a distinctive flavor. 4700BC's wide variety with expeditious innovation in this category has boasted a bold move in representing the departure from the traditional popcorn flavors to a more contemporary fusion of two unconventional snacking products.

Photo - 4700BC

"At 4700BC, we have always believed in the power of innovation and experimentation in the business world. Our collaboration with NOTO is a perfect example as we bring together two unlikely but complementary flavors, popcorn, and ice cream, to create a truly one-of-a-kind sensory experience. Our Himalayan Salt Caramel Popcorn is already a fan favorite, and we can't wait for everyone to try it in a whole new form as a part of our collaboration with a new-age innovative vegan ice cream brand, NOTO. Their vegan ice cream is the perfect complement to our gourmet popcorn, creating a guilt-free indulgence. We can't wait for you to try it. We are confident that it will become a new classic in the world of sweet indulgence," said Chirag Gupta, founder, 4700BC.

"We at NOTO love the idea of taking two different products, identities, and ideologies to create a unique product. Collaborating is an integral part of us, it helps create a community, opens up new perspectives, and also keeps customers engaged. Popcorn and ice cream are household staples that are always available, and together it creates a magical combination. How many times have we topped our bowl of ice cream with popcorn while binge-watching a tv show? We saw the potential to bring these two beloved treats together to satisfy our customers' taste buds. This collaboration represents the intersection of innovation and nostalgia, and we are confident it will be a hit with our customers," said Ashni Shah, founder, NOTO Ice-creams.

Both 4700BC and NOTO are committed to innovation and sustainability and have embarked on a series of brand collaborations to combine the best of both their offerings for their consumers.

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