Aadvik Foods introduces ‘Donkey Milk Powder’

The brand strengthens its unique line of offerings
Aadvik Foods introduces ‘Donkey Milk Powder’
Aadvik Foods launches Donkey Milk PowderPhoto - Aadvik Foods

Aadvik Foods, the first brand in India to introduce the camel milk industry, has now launched Donkey Milk Powder; Lac Jennius (the female donkey is referred to as Jenny). With this launch, the company further strengthens its unique offerings, including raw camel milk powder, frozen camel milk, camel milk chocolates, camel milk-based skin care products, goat milk powder, and frozen goat milk, alongside others.

Aadvik’s Donkey Milk Powder is made using the freeze-dried process that helps retain the nutrients, even in the powder form. According to the company, the 100% pure and natural milk powder is a powerhouse of nutrients for both skin and body. The essential fatty acids present in it reduce wrinkles and fine lines and help regenerate damaged skin. Besides skincare, Aadvik’s Lac Jennius has antimicrobial properties such as Lysozyme and Lactoferrin, which help maintain a healthy gut. It also contains high amounts of calcium and has four times less fat than cow’s milk that is good for human consumption.

Speaking on the launch, Hitesh Rathi, founder, Aadvik Foods, said, “Donkey Milk has been identified as a beneficial ingredient for skincare. It possesses powerful anti-aging and healing properties that help reduce wrinkling, and the presence of Vitamin D keeps the skin healthy, hydrated, and soft. We are thrilled to launch this new offering that will contribute to the health and well-being of our prized customers. Aadvik’s Lac Jennius is one-of-its-kind which goes through quality checks at every step of production to ensure that the best product is delivered to you at your doorstep.”

Lac Jennius or freeze-dried Donkey Milk Powder, available in 100 gm packs, is priced at Rs 999 and can now be ordered online through the company’s website or eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Founded in 2016 by Hitesh Rathi, Aadvik Foods, a disruptor in the Indian camel milk industry, have a bouquet of camel milk-based products, including camel milk powder, chocolates, and skincare range. After a few months of inception, Shrey Kumar joined the company as the co-founder. The brand was started with the knowledge that camel milk has superior health benefits surpassing all other dairy alternatives. Apart from being low-fat, it is said to be beneficial for those suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes and autism, and also boosts general immunity. According to the company, the milk is also suitable for lactose intolerant individuals, is rich in vitamins, minerals, insulin, and unsaturated fatty acids.

Aadvik Foods are the prime sellers on Amazon.com and deliver their products globally and have forayed into goat milk and donkey milk.

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