Agro Tech Foods launches Sundrop 5 Min Yum Pasta

The brand expands its ready-to-cook segment with mini-meal kits range
Agro Tech Foods launches Sundrop 5 Min Yum Pasta

Agro Tech Foods, one of the leading FMCG companies in India, expands its ready-to-cook segment under its Sundrop brand name. Known for offering healthier and tastier options, Sundrop introduces its first Mini Meal Kit with the launch of Sundrop 5 Min Yum Pasta with an authentic pasta sauce. This product is yet another endorsement to the brand leading the innovations bandwagon in the Ready-To-Cook category.

This innovative product has been introduced to offer consumers an indulgent experience in 5 min. The product is a complete kit offering three different pastas with an authentic sauce made with real veggies offering restaurant-style Italian pasta at home.

The all-new Sundrop 5 Min Yum Pasta is quick, tasty and authentic. It is non-fried and made with 100% Suji, has 70% less fat with no added preservatives - offering a wholesome and healthier mini-meal option to the consumers.

Speaking about the new product, Asheesh Sharma, vice president marketing, Agro Tech Foods, said, “At ATF, we are always on the lookout to innovate and discover new ways to fulfill consumer needs. We believe that there is a huge market for Mini Meal Kits positioned between Restaurants/Food Delivery on the one hand and complete In-Home Cooking on the other. Hence, we are thrilled to announce the new Sundrop 5 Min Yum Pasta under our Ready-To-cook category. With increasing affluence, the Indian consumer will no longer be satisfied with a simple pasta or noodle offering with a masala pouch and will seek better, more nourishing options. Sundrop Mini Meal Kits, Yum Pasta is only the first, seek to leverage this huge opportunity for consumer acquisition and boundless growth. We hope to optimize and add to this momentum with this new product introduction. In line with the brand’s ambition to up-trade consumers, we have launched this product which is cooked and packed with freshness lock technology.”

Agro Tech Foods’ new Sundrop 5 Min Yum Pasta contains two packs inside – one with the pasta to be boiled and the other with Red sauce, all together priced at Rs 50.

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