Alpenliebe introduces coffee-flavored Eclairs in partnership with BRU Instant

New Alpenliebe Eclairs Plus Coffee will be available at retail outlets starting March 2022
Alpenliebe coffee-flavored Eclairs

Alpenliebe coffee-flavored Eclairs

Photo - Alpenliebe

Alpenliebe – the iconic candy brand from the house of the confectionery major Perfetti Van Melle India – announced its latest communication for Alpenliebe Eclairs Plus. The new TVC is centered on the sweet, rich taste and irresistibly liquid choco filled eclairs which is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Over the years, the brand has created a space for itself in the Indian family set up with its heartfelt communication that is based on strong consumer insight. The latest commercial builds up on the similar insight of sparking an act of mischief with a pinch of sweetness which brings families together.

The commercial opens to family members lounging in the living area when the father enters and is miffed on seeing that his son has opened the packet of Alpenliebe Eclairs Plus that was kept aside for guests. In order to avoid confrontation and being scolded for stealing the eclairs, the son tries to escape the scene. But just as he is about to sneak away, he notices liquid choco filling of Alpenliebe dripping from his father’s face and the whole vibe of the room changes. The TVC closes with him being caught by other family members and how everyone bursts into laughter making the sequence fun and exciting.

The entire sequence focuses on the irresistible choco filling of Alpenliebe Eclairs Plus and how the brand plays role of a catalyst for family bonding, positioning it as a candy that ‘Brings Hearts Closer’. The new campaign is conceptualized by McCann which will be aired across all mainstream TV and amplified further on brand’s digital channels.

Commenting on the campaign, Rohit Kapoor - director marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “Alpenliebe’s superior indulgent experience, category first innovations and heart-warming communication done over the years managed to win consumer preference. The new campaign weaves an emotional narrative involving different generations of the family. The tone is comforting, drawing focus to the rich indulgent taste of Alpenliebe Eclairs Plus that not only tickles the funny bones but also help resolve smallest tensions in the family. The TVC is yet another attempt to engage with our consumers and provide them an opportunity to deepen the family bond.”

“The Alpenliebe brand is built around the warmth of relationships and families. With the Eclairs Plus variant we obviously wanted to stay within the same world, but at the same time, also do justice to the differentiated product offering. We're glad we've been able to achieve the strategic intent as well as retain the charm and storytelling that one has come to expect from Alpenliebe”, said Utsav Khare, executive creative director, McCann.

With an aim to further innovate and provide consumers with unique differentiated offerings, the brand has also introduced a new coffee choco flavored Eclairs - Alpenliebe Eclairs Plus Coffee in partnership with BRU Instant, from the house of Hindustan Unilever Limited. This will offer consumers the rich coffee taste and aroma of BRU coffee, combined with choco flavor and will further boost the consumption of Eclairs in the Indian market. Priced at Re 1, the new Alpenliebe Eclairs Plus Coffee will be available at retail outlets starting March 2022.

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