American Brew Crafts launches Flying Monkey

American Brew Crafts launches Flying Monkey
Photo - American Brew Crafts

American Brew Crafts (ABCL), a leading brewing company renowned for its exceptional brews is delighted to announce the addition to its portfolio with the launch of Flying Monkey – A Belgian Style Craft Beer into the vibrant market of Hyderabad. The launch event featured a captivating bar pop-up, offering attendees an out-of-this-world experience. This exclusive variant promises to redefine the beer landscape, catering specifically to Belgian Craft beer enthusiasts.

Flying Monkey is a Belgian-style beer with a hazy amber color and creamy head. It embodies a bold and robust character, a smooth texture, and a unique flavor profile that elevates the experience of drinking beer. Crafted to perfection, it aims to defy the normal, outdo the boring with the refreshingly different flavor, which will add an adventurous dimension to its taste profile and setting new standards for excellence in brewing.

The introduction of Flying Monkey Belgian Style Beer shows ABCL’s commitment to innovation and quality in the brewing industry. As a pioneer in crafting exceptional brews, ABCL continues to push the boundaries of brewing excellence, delivering unique and unforgettable experiences to beer enthusiasts worldwide.

Nagendra Tayi, director and chief executive officer of American Brew Crafts, said, "We're excited to bring Flying Monkey Belgian Style Beer to Hyderabad. With this, we add a new product into our portfolio for the beer connoisseurs in this dynamic city. We've carefully tailored this brew to match the preferences of Hyderabad's consumers and contribute to the city's vibrant beer culture. We look forward to providing beer connoisseurs in Hyderabad with a delightful and out-of-the-world experience."

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