Bikano unveils 'Bombay Mixture'

Targeting Northern palates with a new flavor
Bikano unveils 'Bombay Mixture'
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Bikano, a leading name in the Indian traditional snacks market, proudly announces the launch of its latest offering, the Bombay Mixture. This new flavor promises to cater to the diverse and evolving taste preferences of snack lovers across India and beyond.

With the traditional snacks market experiencing unprecedented growth, mixtures have emerged as the fastest-growing category, contributing approximately 40% to the overall traditional snacks segment. "The launch of Bombay Mixture is a strategic move to tap into the booming traditional snacks market. Consumers are increasingly seeking region-specific products, and the Bombay Mixture meets this demand perfectly. We are targeting to reach 10 lakh consumers with our initial launch plan and expect the Bombay Mixture to contribute 1% to our overall revenue. We aim to increase our market share in the Indian snacks market from 5% to 6% this year," said Manish Aggarwal, director, Bikano.

The Bombay Mixture is set to be available in a variety of pack sizes and price ranges, ensuring that it caters to a broad audience. From small packs priced at Rs 10 to larger packs of 200g, 400g, and 800g, there is an option for every type of consumer. The product features a blend of high-quality ingredients, crafted to offer a spicy and crunchy taste that’ll appeal to individuals across all age groups, from 18 to 60 years old.

Kush Aggarwal, head of Marketing at Bikano, shared his enthusiasm about the new product launch stating "Our new Bombay Mixture not only aligns with current consumer preferences but also showcases our commitment to quality and innovation. We believe it will resonate strongly with our target demographic, offering a unique blend of flavours that evoke nostalgia while appealing to contemporary tastes. To ensure the widest possible reach, we have planned a comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaign, encompassing ATL, BTL, and digital promotions. This strategic approach will not only enhance brand visibility but also drive engagement across diverse consumer segments, reinforcing Bikano's position as a leader in the traditional snacks market."

The Indian snacks market, valued at a staggering 48 thousand crores, is evolving rapidly, driven by changing consumer demands and advanced research and development. Bikano's Bombay Mixture is a testament to this evolution, offering a product that aligns with current consumer preferences.

In terms of distribution, the Bombay Mixture will be launched pan-India and is also set to make its way to international markets, bringing the taste of India to a global audience. The primary focus, however, will be on the North Indian market, where demand for traditional “desi” snacks is particularly strong.

Bikano unveils 'Bombay Mixture'
Bikano launches 'Madras' and 'Kerala' flavor mixtures, expands into Southern Indian market

In March, Bikano introduced its two new offerings – the 'Madras Mixture' and 'Kerala Mixture' aimed at catering to the demands of the southern market. With this latest launch, Bikano has reaffirmed its commitment to staying ahead of the curve by introducing products that meet the needs of diverse consumers and set new benchmarks in taste and quality.

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