Bira 91 introduces premium rice strong lager – RISE

RISE brings together a fusion of incredible ingredients – Rice sourced from coastal India and Sorachi Ace hops sourced from Japan
Bira 91 introduces premium rice strong lager – RISE
Photo - Bira 91

Bira 91, one of the fastest-growing beer companies announced the launch of RISE, premium rice strong lager.

Bira 91 RISE is a premium rice lager in the Asian tradition. Elevated with local rice from India, the beer is dry, light on the palate, and has a brilliant sparkle. With less than 8% abv, this refreshing thirst quencher embraces the Sorachi Ace hops from Japan, which gives the beer its eccentric and fine subtle lemon citrus aromas. RISE caters to the new generation of Indian consumers who seek flavors and adds a new dimension to Bira 91’s existing portfolio of seven distinct flavors.

Packed with a light body, and a clean and crisp texture, RISE makes for a high session-able drink. The rice base ensures that the beer is dry and light on the palate, while the Sorachi Ace hops give it its pleasing citrus aromas. RISE can be paired well with curries, spicy dishes, and barbeque, as rice beers work well as palate-cleansers.

Photo - Bira 91

Speaking about the launch, Ankur Jain, founder, and chief executive officer, Bira 91 said, “India has a very strong rice affinity, and for the creation of RISE, we have used rice grains sourced from the coastal parts of India as the core ingredient combined with Sorachi Ace hops from Japan. Our brewing team keenly focuses on developing flavors that have a strong local connection and provide unique experiences to consumers. We are excited to launch RISE - India’s first-ever rice strong lager and are confident that RISE will be a game-changer in the premium strong beer category”.

Bira 91 RISE will be available in 330ml & 650ml bottles and 500ml cans across metropolitan cities in India.

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