Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters launches biodegradable specialty coffee capsules

Brings its best-selling variants Attikan Estate, Vienna Roast, Dhak Blend and Silver Oak Blend in a new form factor
Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters launches biodegradable specialty coffee capsules
Photo - Blue Tokai

As the preferred brand for easy-to-brew and ready-to-drink coffee offerings with Easy Pour Drip Bags, Cold Brew Bags and Cold Brew Cans, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, India’s largest and fastest-growing specialty coffee brand, announced the launch of its specialty coffee capsules. Made using Blue Tokai’s four best-selling variants - Attikan Estate, Vienna Roast, Dhak Blend and Silver Oak Blend - these coffee capsules will be available in packs of 10 and 40 on and the brand’s 50+ cafés across the country.

Suitable for making convenient café-style beverages at home such as espresso & americano and milk beverages like latte & cappuccino, these coffee capsules are perfect for coffee-lovers who prefer a quick, hassle-free experience. Blue Tokai’s coffee capsules are a sustainable option with 100% biodegradable capsules that can be decomposed at home, making it an environmentally-friendly option.

Commenting on the launch, Matt Chitharanjan, co-founder and chief executive officer, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters said, “The coffee capsule market in India has grown exponentially in the last few years, owing to its ease-of-usage and availability of compatible machines at homes, hotels & offices. In the last couple of years, we’ve been inundated with requests from our customers who were looking for high-quality Indian coffee capsules and the launch of Blue Tokai’s capsules is aimed at making this a more accessible and high-quality proposition in the specialty coffee segment. It was also imperative that we launch the product with an environmentally-friendly solution to limit the waste typically associated with capsules, while not compromising on quality.”

Blue Tokai’s coffee capsules are the latest addition to its FMCG offerings, a segment that has grown 4x in the last one year (FY 22). Capturing the fast-growing coffee capsule market in India, these capsules will also be available in Europe, world’s largest coffee capsule market, through Amazon. With this, Blue Tokai is all set to take India’s finest specialty coffee to consumers across the globe, in a new form factor.

“During our initial research, we observed that the existing coffee capsules are at a price point that is difficult for daily consumption for the average coffee drinker, hence we moved in the direction of bridging that gap by offering specialty-grade quality coffee at a more affordable price point. These coffee capsules have been developed using our freshly roasted and ground coffee - something that our customers have loved us for, all these years - and we look forward to extending that fresh experience across all our current and upcoming offerings,” added Matt.

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