Blue Tribe launches plant-based chicken and mutton patties

Consumers can avail of these juicy, tangy, tender and highly-nutritious products at just Rs 175 and Rs 275, respectively
Blue Tribe launches plant-based chicken and mutton patties
Photo - Blue Tribe

Catering to the fast-growing population of hardcore meat-eaters striving to make a lifestyle change, Blue Tribe, India's leading foodtech company vigorously working on a mission to reinvent global meat consuming methods has launched two wholesome and flavorful plant-based alternatives of chicken and mutton patties. The latest innovative addition in Blue Tribe's long list of tender, juicy and toothsome plant-based meat products is available from June 2022.

Consumers can buy the newly-launched planet-friendly chicken and mutton patties through both online and offline forums. One can easily order it online by visiting Blue Tribe's official website or eCommerce platform Amazon or stop by at the nearest Nature's Basket, Benzers, Foodhall, Society Stores, Swiggy instamart and other leading offline outlets to buy these products.

The best part is, consumers won't have to burn a hole in their pockets to make healthy, eco-friendly, and better food choices. A 160g pack of these newly launched 100% animal-free plant-based Chicken and Mutton patties can be bought at just Rs 195 and Rs 275, respectively.

These plant-based chicken and mutton patties are made with handpicked ingredients like soy protein, natural spices and an ingenious fusion of plant-based fibres. In fact, by leveraging cutting-edge futuristic food science technology, Blue Tribe has successfully created exact replicas of traditional animal-based meat that taste, feel and cook like conventional animal-based meat but with a greener twist of eco-friendly attributes. This ultimately leads to zero cholesterol, high protein (including pea-protein), and high-octane nutrition.

Speaking about this latest development, Sohil Wazir, CCO, Blue Tribe said, "Today, consumers are looking for a sustainable way to make lifestyle changes. Having said that, it is easier to commit, but following a resolution forever is difficult. Hardcore meat lovers find it exceptionally challenging to forego animal-based meat and become vegetarian overnight. The meat's juicy interior and tender exterior are hard to let go of, and they eventually bounce back to their routine diet. To address this issue and assist consumers in making a healthier and greener lifestyle choice, we have launched many highly-appetising plant-based meat products."

"The newly-launched plant-based chicken and mutton patties are the latest in the series. With immense pleasure and pride, I'd like to share that our products taste, feel and cook exactly like traditional meat. One can easily relish in the taste of Blue Tribe's plant-based meat products without feeling guilty or increasing their carbon footprint," Sohil added.

Multiple reports have stated that in 2021, the global plant-based meat industry was projected at USD 5.06 billion. The industry is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.3% between 2022 and 2030. Needless to say, the rapidly growing consumer awareness about the personal and climatic benefits of a plant-based diet, consciousness about animal rights and strengthening ethical ideologies will continue to drive the growth of this new-age space remarkably in the near future.

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