Blue Tribe launches plant-based Mutton Keema

Available at just Rs 375, this product can be purchased through Blue Tribe’s official website and offline departmental stores like Nature’s Basket and Foodhall
Blue Tribe launches plant-based Mutton Keema

Photo - Blue Tribe

In a bid to substantiate its product portfolio, Blue Tribe, India’s leading food technology company encouraging consumption of planet-friendly products, has launched another new green product: plant-based Mutton Keema. Made with cherry-picked vegetarian ingredients and exquisite spices, this eco-friendly product tastes, cooks, and feels exactly like traditional animal-based Mutton Keema. In fact, leveraging advanced food technology and extensive research and development, Blue Tribe’s Mutton Keema can equal nutritional elements like protein, phosphorus, iron, and Vitamin B12, albeit without instigating cholesterol or carbon footprint. Priced at just Rs 375, the product is available for purchase through both online and offline mediums.

Researches have shown that plant-based meat products enable consumers to enjoy food at a fraction of disturbing environmental situations. The rising population accompanied by a surge in meat consumption demands poses severe threats to the climate. In comparison, plant-based meat uses moderately less land and water and emits meager amounts of greenhouse gasses. However, even after facing such drastic climate complications, it is reasonably challenging for non-vegetarian food lovers to let go of traditional meat’s juicy taste and chewy consistency. Taking this issue as an inspiration, Blue Tribe onboarded several avant-garde food mechanisms and expertise that construct the architect of traditional meat with plants like legumes, wheat, tofu, yuba, and an assortment of nuts.

Speaking on this latest development, Sandeep Singh, co-founder, Blue Tribe, said, “Realizing that inadvertently by consuming animal-based meat products we are coercing our environment towards a dark corner, we decided to reinvent the meat consumption methods. Meat products are essentially made of elements like protein, fat, chewy texture, and vitamin B12. We decided to extract these qualities from plant-based ingredients and create products similar in taste, cooking style and feel to animal-based meat. We have launched super-delectable plant-based Mutton Keema in this context and entered the other half dominating the conventional meat market. Since we have already launched our plant-based Chicken product variants, we know that modern-age consumers are consciously making planet-friendly choices and loving our inventions.”

Blue Tribe has kept competitive prices to their newly launched plant-based Mutton Keema compared to traditional animal-based meat products available in the market. Consumers can purchase this product from offline departmental stores like Nature’s Basket and Foodhall and online from Blue Tribe’s official website It is pertinent to note that the brand already has premium-grade products like plant-based Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Keema and Chicken parm sliders in its product portfolio.

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