BOHECO, Spaceman and Company, and Intergalactic Beverages launch Blissful beverages 

Contemporary Beverages for the Conscious Mind, first-of-a-kind lemonades, and seltzers infused with hemp seeds and natural adaptogens that calm the mind, uplift the mood and leave you feeling blissful.
BOHECO, Spaceman and Company, and Intergalactic Beverages launch Blissful beverages 
Photo - BOHECO

BOHECO, Spaceman & Company, and Intergalactic Beverages have launched their contemporary beverage range – Blissful. Fascinated by natural adaptogens and hemp’s ability to positively impact our state of being, Blissful harnesses these benefits through handcrafted, naturally flavored, and mindful seltzers and lemonades infused with functional ingredients designed to stimulate focus, creativity, and energy.

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Yash Kotak, co-founder & chief marketing officer, BOHECO, said, “With people becoming more mindful of their lifestyle choices, it is imperative to make functional ingredients and conscious products more accessible. That was one of the key drivers behind the launch of Blissful. With hemp seeds being recognized as a wholesome superfood in India as well, we have seen an explosion of hemp-based nutrition products. We are excited for people to experience hemp and natural adaptogen-infused beverages, for the first time in India, through Blissful.”

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Divyansh Gupta, founder & chief executive officer, Intergalactic Beverages, said, “We wanted to create a product to break the status quo and bring the benefits of hemp to a larger community in India. We aspire to help our community stay cool, calm, and composed by helping them connect with the broader universe and hence, their inner selves.”

Aditya Aggarwal, founder & chairman, Spaceman and Company, said, “This is a first-of-a-kind product for India. This product will open the gateway to many innovations in hemp-powered mindful beverage space.”

Photo - Blissful

The mood-specific infusions of Hemp Seeds and Adaptogens are what make this product truly revolutionary. Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that help the body resist stress. These herbs and roots have been utilized for generations in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal practices. Some of the adaptogens infused in Blissful include Ashwagandha, which serves as a natural aphrodisiac and improves cognitive function; Bacopa enhances creativity and boosts brain function; Arjuna energizes the mind and balances the body and of course, Hemp Seeds aid in restoring balance to the body and mind.

Blissful is created and enhanced with natural botanicals, adaptogens, and nootropics that do not have any intoxicating effects. The ingredients have been associated with lowering stress levels, rejuvenating the body, and increasing productivity. There is no intoxicating effect from the chemicals. Given that it is free of caffeine and alcohol, it is safe for consumption by pregnant individuals as well.

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