Britannia Winkin’ Cow expands its portfolio with Britannia Bourbon in a milkshake format

The latest product from Winkin’ Cow fuses the flavor of India’s original Britannia Bourbon in a thick shake format, marking the collaboration between the two brands
Britannia Winkin’ Cow expands its portfolio with Britannia Bourbon in a milkshake format
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Winkin' Cow, India's beloved milkshake brand under the umbrella of Britannia, proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Britannia Bourbon, marking a significant milestone in both brands' legacies. The introduction of the Bourbon thick shakes signifies one of the first-ever category crossovers within Britannia, merging the classic flavor of Britannia Bourbon with Winkin’ Cow's creamy richness to offer consumers an irresistible experience that breaks conventional boundaries.

Winkin' Cow, known for its unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, has continuously pushed boundaries since its inception in 2018. With impressive growth, achieving a revenue of Rs 100 Cr in FY22, the brand has captured the hearts of consumers nationwide with its creamy richness and diverse flavor offerings. With the launch of the Bourbon Shake, Winkin' Cow embarks on a new journey of flavor exploration, marrying the classic taste of Britannia Bourbon with its signature milkshake expertise. This commitment to quality and innovation reassures consumers of the exceptional taste and experience they can expect from the Bourbon Shake.

Commenting on the category crossover, Amit Doshi, chief marketing officer of Britannia Industries, said, "As we commemorate 70 years of Britannia Bourbon, the brand’s collaboration with Winkin’ Cow heralds an exciting new chapter in Britannia’s history. This partnership represents an exciting fusion of two beloved icons, creating the Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake, a fusion of flavors that redefines indulgence. Through this collaboration, we aim to honour the legacy of India’s original Britannia Bourbon biscuit and push boundaries and create unique experiences for our consumers. The Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake embodies our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and taste in every sip."

Commenting on the launch of the Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake, Abhishek Sinha, chief business officer - Dairy, chief executive officer, Britannia Bel Foods, said, “We are excited to introduce our latest product under the Winkin’ Cow portfolio, the Bourbon Shake, which is an innovation poised to redefine beverage consumption nationwide. This new addition to our product portfolio, which stems from the fusion of two of the most iconic brands within Britannia, aligns with our goals to give consumers more of what they love and make our brand stronger. The increasing demand for flavored milk and dairy products in the Indian market fuels our commitment to innovation. As pioneers in infusing the original Britannia Bourbon flavor into shakes, this launch holds particular significance for our brand as it expands our chocolate-flavor range to meet the growing demand from chocolate enthusiasts.”

This indulgent beverage embodies Winkin’ Cow’s ethos of quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction by seamlessly blending the distinct flavor of Britannia Bourbon with Winkin’ Cow's expertise in milkshakes. It is specially crafted to appeal to new, younger consumers, reflecting Britannia Winkin’ Cow's strategic initiative to attract a broader demographic with its innovative offerings. This strategic initiative underscores our commitment to meeting the evolving tastes and preferences of our valued consumers, making them feel included and valued in our journey.

The Winkin’ Cow Bourbon shake is available at your nearby stores and exclusively in Reliance stores among Large Format Retailers.

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