Campari India introduces an exclusive selection of gift packs

The limited-edition gift packs of Campari’s most iconic brands are sure to bring in the festive cheer
Campari India introduces an exclusive selection of gift packs

Campari's exclusive selection of gift packs

Photo - Campari India

The leading beverage brand, Campari, introduces well-curated Gift Packs to offer a premium experience in the comfort of home. The exclusive range includes Gift Packs of its most loved brands, Aperol Spritz, SKYY Vodka, Bulldog Gin and Glen Grant. The Gift Packs are available in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad and West Bengal.

Aperol, known globally to connect people naturally is Italy’s No. 1 drink. This perfect bright orange aperitif is derived from a secret recipe that infuses precious components of many herbs and roots in a perfectly balanced combination. The Aperol Spritz Gift Pack includes a bottle of Aperol along with a bottle of Cinzano Prosecco and a Spritz goblet. This Gift Pack has the recipe to the unique bitter-sweet tasting concoction to brighten up one’s day and is available at the starting price of Rs 3,592* plus taxes.

Another popular beverage of Campari, Bulldog Gin is a distinctive blend of 12 botanicals and it reinterprets the classic London Dry Gin. With a blend of botanicals and high-quality ingredients, the contemporary flavored gin delivers a refined taste with every serve. The brand presents two Bulldog Gin Gift Packs to choose from, one with a bottle of gin and tonic water and the other with gin and a Copa glass. The Gift Packs have the formula to make the perfect G&T, and are available at the starting price of Rs 2,297* plus taxes.

For the Vodka connoisseur, SKYY Vodka is a proven, exceptional quality spirit brand with a soft finish. SKYY is made with water-enriched Pacific minerals from the San Francisco Bay area, enhancing the mouthfeel. The specially curated SKYY Vodka Gift Pack comprises of a bottle of SKYY Vodka and a pack of cranberry juice. The pack is perfect to create the classic Cosmopolitan and is available at the starting price of Rs 1,424* plus taxes.

The Glen Grant is a high-quality Single Malt Scotch whisky brand for those searching for a captivating exploratory experience. Renowned for its clear color and pure taste, the two versions of this whisky are quite distinct. While the 10-year-old tastes the orchard fruits with rich malt notes, Glen Grant 12 year has a unique flavor of apple pie crust, caramel and vanilla. The brand offers two Glen Grant Gift Packs to savor the distinct flavors – one that comprises a bottle of whisky with two glasses, while the other contains two bottles of whisky and a decanter. The packs are available at the starting price of Rs 8,132* plus taxes.

According to the brand, with the festivities just around the corner, these intriguing Gift Packs make a perfect gift for their uniqueness and less traditional approach. Bring back good memories and build fonder ones as you enjoy a variety of these impeccable blends.

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