Coffeeza launches new coffee capsules and coffee machine
Coffeeza’s machines and capsules allow coffee aficionados to brew café-style beverages like Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and more within seconds in the comfort of their homes and offices, making the daily coffee ritual a breeze.Photo - Coffeeza

Coffeeza launches new coffee capsules and coffee machine

Enjoy a Barista-style coffee experience at home

The recent launch of new coffee capsules and coffee machine by Coffeeza will make it easier for coffee lovers to indulge in their favorite café-style coffee. With growing expeditious lifestyles that work on clock-hands, Coffeeza focuses on paving a modern way to prepare and enjoy great tasting coffee that is convenient and saves time. Unlike other coffee players in India, Coffeeza’s machines and capsules allow coffee aficionados to brew café-style beverages like Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, and more within seconds in the comfort of their homes and offices, making the daily coffee ritual a breeze.

Rooted to offer the best-in-class products to coffee lovers and a wide range of flavor profiles, Coffeeza launched three new coffee capsules - Cremoso, Forte, and their first Single-Origin Coffee Ethiopia, along with the new Finero Next Capsule Coffee Machine this February.

  • Cremoso is a medium roasted blend crafted to deliver a smooth tasting coffee with a good balance of sweetness and delicate acidity, with notes of dark chocolate, nuts, and citrus fruit.

  • Forte is a full-bodied dark roast blend with strong flavors that leave a long-lasting and round after-taste, it is best suited for those who enjoy a strong and vigorous cup of coffee.

  • Single-Origin Ethiopia coffee is the one to watch out for, sourced from the birthplace of coffee itself, this medium-bodied 100% Arabica coffee with aromas of chocolate, dried fruit, and red fruits is sure to win palates.

According to the company, the new ‘Finero Next Capsule Coffee Machine’ is a notch above its predecessor. It is sleek, compact, and said to be ideal for lovers of black coffee and those who prefer complementing it with a separate creamer or milk frother. This machine is easy to use; it fits anywhere and is suitable for homes, offices, and hotel rooms. It is designed to extract coffee at superior 20 bar pressure (similar to cafés), resulting in richly extracted coffee with indulgent layers of crema on the top.

Coffeeza's Coffee Capsules
Coffeeza's Coffee CapsulesPhoto - Coffeeza

Using Coffeeza is simple – drop in the capsule, press a button on the Coffeeza machine, and your gourmet coffee is ready within seconds. Each capsule contains the exact quantity of coffee grounds, perfect for one serving. The machine extracts rich café-style coffee by forcing nearly boiling water through the coffee grounds under high pressure - all this takes place at the touch of a button. The used capsule automatically ejects into a hidden tray, which can then be collected and sent back to the brand for recycling.

Talking about the launch, Rahul Aggarwal, founder, and chief executive officer of Coffeeza, said, “Lovers of cafe-style coffee finally have the solution to enjoy great coffee at home, without the hassle! Our new world-class coffee blends and machines will surely add lots of smiles to coffee lovers’ faces.”

Inspired and imagined in India, Coffeeza’s capsule blends are prepared according to world-class standards. The company states that each Coffeeza capsule contains 100% freshly roasted ground coffee, sourced from the best coffee plantations across the globe, which is then roasted and blended to perfection by experienced master blenders in Italy and sealed into coffee capsules. The capsule’s unique design keeps the coffee grounds fresh for up to 24 months. The brand now retails six varieties of premium Italian coffee capsules, including their best-selling blends Classico and Intenso and a Decaf blend for those who avoid consuming too much caffeine.

Coffeeza capsules and machines are *Nespresso compatible (original line). Priced between Rs 45 to Rs 55 a capsule (depending on quantity), this is a better alternative for gourmet coffee lovers in India. The Finero Next Machine is available at a very attractive price Rs 13,949 only, which is inclusive of 18% GST and includes 60 assorted coffee capsules.

The capsules and machines are shipped PAN India - they are available on Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, TataCliq, and Pricing is attractive with volume discounts. Free Shipping and cash on delivery options are also available. Subscription plans and bundles offer regular coffee drinkers the chance for additional savings. The brand also caters to the B2B customer base.

*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Societe Des Produits Nestle SA.

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