Cornitos brings the new festive packs for the season 

Cornitos brings the new festive packs for the season 
Photo- Cornitos

The fun-filled and joyous festivals have taken over. To have a gala time, Cornitos has launched new variants in the box of joy festive packs- Snack Bus, Crunch Carnival, and Crusties Gift Pack. Enlighten your taste buds as bright as the Diwali lights by munching Cornitos crunchy crisps. Cornitos Gift packs have been put together for the enjoyment of each moment. Gear up and get ready to hop on this ride full of excitement, crunchiness, and tastefulness. 

 Snack Bus 

Make your festivals tastier and crunchy, and add a twist of munch with Nacho Crisps 20gX5 and Crusties 18gX5! This beautiful yet funky pack will be adored by all groups. Buckle up your seatbelts and board this bus for a unique munching experience. 

Crunch Carnival 

This wholesome pack includes Nacho Crisps 55gX4 and Crusties 50gX to make this festive season a carnival of crunch. Relish your taste buds with an amp of tanginess and have a cracker of a time. 

Crusties Gift Pack 

The groovy zigzag shape and unique flavor add a snacky spin to chickpeas, beans, and potatoes. Savory and Crunchy, Crusties are baked, not fried. This pack includes Crusties 50gX6 that are just perfect for happy and guilt-free crusting. 

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