Danone introduces Silk Greek style coconut milk yogurt alternatives

Silk turns the yogurt aisle on its head with new Silk Greek-style plant-based yogurt alternatives
Danone introduces Silk Greek style coconut milk yogurt alternatives

Silk Greek is THICK! Plant-based leader achieves herculean feat with creamy, dairy-free Greek Style yogurt alternative line in four delicious flavors

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Greek offerings dominate the yogurt category, encompassing nearly half of the yogurt sales (44%). But with roots in traditional dairy, Greek offerings on-shelf lack plant-based yogurt alternatives because brands have historically struggled to deliver on Greek's signature thickness and texture. Until now, according to the brand, no plant-based yogurt alternative has successfully created a Greek-style yogurt alternative that meets consumer taste and texture expectations … until now.

Silk, a leader in plant-based food & beverage offerings, is turning the yogurt aisle on its head with new Silk Greek Style Coconut milk Yogurt Alternatives– the product of a multiyear effort to deliver the signature traits of Greek, without the traditional ingredient of dairy, resulting in a breakthrough combination of thick texture and a good source of plant-based protein, all in a great-tasting, plant-based yogurt alternative line. Silk Greek is thick… in fact, it's so thick, you can flip over a spoonful and it won't budge!

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Silk Greek is thick</p></div>

Silk Greek is thick

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"70% of plant-based beverage buyers are not yet buying plant-based yogurt alternatives," said Lia Stierwalt, senior director of marketing, Silk Plant-Based Yogurt Alternatives. "We saw an incredible opportunity to appeal to those who are already familiar with a plant-based lifestyle, as well as those who love Greek-style yogurt. Silk is already a plant-based yogurt aisle favorite, and now we are tackling the elusive Greek Style category head-on. As part of our product innovation process, we tested Silk Greek with many consumers. We are confident that we're delivering a fantastic tasting, high-protein, plant-based yogurt alternative."

Free of dairy and artificial sweeteners, Silk Greek contains 10 grams of plant-based protein, live and active cultures, and is certified vegan. Dive into one of the four crowd-pleasing flavors, including Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon, and Blueberry, all with a smooth, thick coconut milk base which is sure to delight! Silk Greek does more than just taste good, it also does good for the planet: 100% of the water used to make Silk Greek Style yogurt alternatives is restored back to nature, drop for drop.

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