DEWAR'S launches 'The New Old Fashioned' non-alcoholic mixer in collaboration with Jimmy’s

Premium non-alcoholic mixer by DEWAR’S caters to new-age consumers’ love for inventive highballs, classic cocktails, and elevated at-home experiences
DEWAR'S launches 'The New Old Fashioned' non-alcoholic mixer in collaboration with Jimmy’s
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DEWAR’S announces the launch of ‘The New Old Fashioned’ mixer in India, bringing the premium whisky cocktail experience to market. Crafted in collaboration with leading cocktail mixer brand Jimmy’s, this ready-to-serve premium mixer caters to the evolving preferences of new-age consumers. Enriched with exciting flavors and a hassle-free experience, individuals can elevate their at-home whisky-drinking experiences with a premium serve.

Originating in the early 19th century, the Old-Fashioned lives up to its name in history and is one of the most famous whisky cocktails enjoyed worldwide. The new mixer presents a contemporary twist on the timeless Old Fashioned, packaged in 250 ml glass bottles that serve up to 4 cocktails. This latest innovation by DEWAR’S is now available for purchase on and in leading retail stores in 20+ cities, with plans to expand too quick commerce platforms soon. As the year progresses, the availability of these mixers will expand nationwide, allowing consumers across the country to enjoy the product.

Over the past few years, the drinking preferences of whisky consumers have evolved significantly. According to the 2023 Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report, 30% of consumers now desire to purchase drinks based purely on their curiosity about flavor, indicating an increasing inclination towards experimentation. The trend of DIY mixology has also witnessed a surge, with over one-third (37%) of consumers enjoying the process of creating cocktails at home. This evolving consumer landscape has redefined the whisky experience, which traditionally involved consuming whisky neat or on the rocks. The rise of consumers' experimental spirit has propelled the popularity of whisky highballs. A recent study by Mintel reveals that modern consumers have a fondness for nostalgic elements, providing an excellent opportunity to cater to their desires by reintroducing classic old-fashioned with a modern twist through the launch of this mixer. This combination of evolving preferences and nostalgia-driven trends opens new avenues for captivating the whisky-drinking audience in exciting and innovative ways.

Commenting on the latest innovation by DEWAR’S, Vijay Dev, category lead - Global Whiskies, Bacardi said, “Today’s whisky consumers’ curiosity is leading to a departure from conventional whisky norms. Their curiosity has fuelled the growing popularity of unique and refreshing whisky cocktails. With the launch of our premium mixer, DEWAR'S aims to cater to the exploratory spirit of these modern whisky lovers, offering them a quick and innovative way to indulge in the timeless taste of an Old Fashioned. We are excited to provide a platform for these curious consumers to delve into the world of whisky and discover new dimensions of flavor, all from the comfort of their own homes.”

Talking about the collaboration with DEWAR’S, Ankur Bhatia, founder and chief executive officer of Radiohead Brands, said, “The at-home cocktail culture in India is growing fast, and Jimmy’s has been at its forefront. This New Old Fashioned is one of the most complex mixers we have co-created, especially for DEWAR’S. It took us over a year to perfect the blend – using four different types of bitters blended with orange zest, cherry, cinnamon, and aromatic cloves – for a perfect at-home Old Fashioned cocktail experience. We are truly excited to partner with DEWAR’S, one of the world’s leading alcobev brands, and bring this mixer to consumers across the country.”

So, get ready to take a plunge into the new as DEWAR’S continues to bring to the market a host of creative and strategic innovations crafted and curated for India’s new-age whisky-loving community.

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