DH Brands launches Rocketfuel

DH Brands launches Rocketfuel

DH Brands, a beverage contract manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, announces the launch of its own brand portfolio, with Rocketfuel as the flagship brand.

Rocketfuel - Original Punch is a revolutionary energy drink formulated for the active Indian consumer seeking a powerful and healthy boost. This zero-calorie, zero-sugar beverage delivers a potent energy surge with just eight clean ingredients,making it the leanest option in the market.

"We're thrilled to enter the consumer market with Rocketfuel," says Chirag, of DH Brands. "For decades, we, mainly along with my senior partners, have been trusted folks in creating successful beverage products out of our humble plant in Bangalore. Now, we're leveraging that experience to develop and launch our own innovative products."

Rocketfuel: Powerful Energy, Clean Formula

Rocketfuel Original Punch delivers a potent energy boost with its unique blend of caffeine, taurine, CoQ10, L-theanine, BCAAs, and choline L-bitartrate. With no artificial colors, it ensures a clean and refreshing taste, free from unnecessary additives.

A Competitive Choice

"We understand consumers are increasingly health-conscious," says Chirag. "Rocketfuel is priced competitively, offering a powerful and guilt-free energy boost without breaking the bank. This applies to even our marketing and communication on social media, where we have gained millions of likes and shares thanks to our witty and gen-z oriented content”

DH Brands: Bottling Expertise, Branded Innovation

DH Brands brings decades of experience in contract manufacturing for beverage brands ranging from micro players to mid and large players in the non alcoholic beverage market. Leveraging this expertise, DH Brands plans to expand its own portfolio with sports nutrition and innovation in modern beverages at the forefront, offering consumers a variety of innovative and delicious options.

DH Brands is a leading beverage contract manufacturer with over 20 years of experience thanks to its partnership with Bangalore Based Mahaveer Inc. The company partners with brands to develop, produce, and bottle high-quality beverages. With a commitment to innovation and quality, DH Brands is now entering the consumer market with its own portfolio of exciting new products.

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