Diabexy launches chocolate cookies sugar control for diabetic patients

In addition to prioritizing optimum health, Diabexy has mastered the art of pleasing the taste buds
Diabexy launches chocolate cookies sugar control for diabetic patients
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New Year is finally here, and the market is bursting with sweet and savory sweets and delicacies in all different shapes and flavors. New Year cookies may differ from culture to culture around the world, but everyone enjoys giving and receiving gifts. New Year wouldn't be complete without cookies, but overindulging in the sweet goodies could interfere with fitness objectives and make exercise more difficult to make up for. Not if you choose your ingredients carefully and use healthy substitutes for high-calorie foods.

Considering the situation of diabetic people in mind, Chocolate Cookies Sugar Control, a product created by Diabexy, contains fructooligosaccharide, a sweet-tasting kind of fiber. It does not impact blood sugar and is not digested by the body before being eliminated. Natural cocoa powder and imported hazelnut flour are used to make this. The glycemic load of the components is quite low. No Maida, wheat, or other cheap flour is used. High-quality, trans-fat-free bakery shortening is utilized. Hazelnut cookies are delicious and can satisfy your taste buds while helping you manage your diabetes.

Lokendra Tomar, diet educator & founder, Diabexy, said, "We have introduced Chocolate Cookies for Sugar Control in India to close the gap between the taste and health benefits of food products for people with diabetes. To maintain the harmony between the taste of food and the health of diabetic patients, we have put in many years of hard work. For many people, giving up tasty food to protect their health is a challenge. We developed this fantastic concept and created tasty and healthy food options for diabetics."

Diabexy chocolate cookies sugar control. This is available on Amazon for worth Rs. 459 per kg

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