Drink guilt-free with Skinny Witch: One of India’s first low-sugar proseccos has arrived in the country

Drink guilt-free with Skinny Witch: One of India’s first low-sugar proseccos has arrived in the country
Photo- Skinny Witch

Nestled amidst the lush green hills in the heart of the stunning historical Strada del prosecco lay the vineyards of Conegliano; it is here where the magic of Skinny Witch comes to life.

Skinny Witch is the latest addition to the family-run alcohol brand House of Skull X. Noticing a growing inclination in the consumption of Prosecco, Skull X decided to introduce the wine lovers of the world to a guilt-free version of their favorite drink. With a vision to create a Prosecco that’s free of any added sugar, the vintners, trained in the traditional manner of producing wines in Italy, decided to supplement the sugar with the best quality natural ingredients and so, a women-centric company ‘Skinny Witch’ was born. The company is an ode to all the health-conscious connoisseurs of wine out there.

Photo- Skinny Witch

Their brand ethos is deeply rooted in using clean, good quality ingredients that eliminate the need of adding sugar, keeping this in mind - they began their quest by hand-picking the best quality grapes that were juicy, succulent, and full of flavor in their Italian vineyard.

Dedicated to their goals of creating a delicious drink without added sugars in a brand with a clean ingredient ethos, the brand worked with the finest vineyards to ensure the growing and harvesting process of the grapes was done in a manner with care for the liquid to preserve its natural flavors.

Having won several accolades for their impeccable taste, Skinny Witch’s sugar-free Prosecco range has two delicious prosecco to choose from:
Skinny Witch Rosé Prosecco

A perfect balance between the elegant red fruit flavors that come through from the pinot noir grape and the balanced citrus palate brought forward by the glera grape, The Rose Prosecco is a treat for all wine lovers. With an aroma of rose petals and a hint of red berries that gets stronger with time, the Rose Prosecco has an overall floral palate that leaves you with a long lingering fruity taste.

Photo- Skinny Witch

Skinny Witch Prosecco DOCG

The award-winning DOCG Prosecco is consciously made using less sugar to highlight the flavors of the grapes at its heart and features notes of spring blossom. The richly flavored, naturally sweet, and deep-rounded Prosecco fills one’s palate beautifully with a nose of violet aromas partnered with hints of white cherry, green apple, and pear flavor balanced by a hint of citrus that gives a fruity yet peppery finish.

Celebrate the love of Italian bubbles that liven any occasion with guilt-free Prosecco by Skinny Witch.

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