Embrace the essence of Makar Sankranti with Naturals tilgul flavor!

Embrace the essence of Makar Sankranti with Naturals tilgul flavor!
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Naturals, renowned for crafting lip smacking artisanal ice-creams, is thrilled to announce the launch of a special festive delight - Tilgul. Soaked with the spirit of Makar Sankranti, Tilgul is a tribute to tradition, taste and togetherness. Tilgul’s unique flavor combines milk, sugar, peanuts, cashews, sesame seeds, jaggery and a hint of cardamom powder, crafted meticulously by culinary artisans. Its indulgent flavor promises to captivate taste buds with its rich blend of wholesome ingredients and exquisite taste, as it embodies the essence of Makar Sankranti.

What sets Tilgul apart is not just its exceptional taste but also its exclusivity. Available for a limited time span of 25 days starting 5 January, this flavorful creation promises to add an extra layer of sweetness to your festivities. Whether you're seeking a nostalgic taste of tradition or a new experience to cherish with your loved ones, Tilgul is the perfect companion during the festivities. 

Amp up your celebrations by visiting the nearest Naturals store and experience the delightful Tilgul flavor. Share the joy of Makar Sankranti with family and friends, and don’t forget to add the significant saying, ‘Tilgud ghya aani godh godh bola’ with it. 

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Naturals brings an array of delightful offerings that resonate with every celebration. Now, let the flavors of Makar Sankranti come alive with their exclusive Tilgul treat!

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